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For Everyone Obsessed With Captain Cold From "Legends Of Tomorrow"

We don't deserve Wentworth Miller. Spoilers ahead!

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So, if you haven't watched DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it's a spinoff of The Flash and Arrow with a pretty huge cast of characters from the DC universe.


The Legends team travels through time to prevent worldwide takeover by immortal tyrant Vandal Savage under the guidance of rogue Time Master Rip Hunter.

But if you watch the show, you probably come back week after week basically because of one person: Wentworth Miller aka Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.


In Legends, though, they took the core of the character and pumped his charm up to 100. He joins the Legends team with Heat Wave, played by Dominic Purcell.


In an interview, Miller said about his character, "I instinctively feel like he’s probably pansexual and just gets a hard-on for your soul.” That explains why it feels like he's trying to seduce us with even completely non-sexual dialogue.


And if all of that weren't enough, Wentworth Miller is an outspoken advocate for body image, LGTBQ, and mental health issues.

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