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    For Everyone Obsessed With Captain Cold From "Legends Of Tomorrow"

    We don't deserve Wentworth Miller. Spoilers ahead!

    So, if you haven't watched DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it's a spinoff of The Flash and Arrow with a pretty huge cast of characters from the DC universe.

    But if you watch the show, you probably come back week after week basically because of one person: Wentworth Miller aka Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.

    Just look at him.

    Now, in the comics, Captain Cold has historically been a tragic, unlikeable crook with a code. He wears a dumb parka and busts things up with his Cold Gun.

    In Legends, though, they took the core of the character and pumped his charm up to 100. He joins the Legends team with Heat Wave, played by Dominic Purcell.

    Purcell and Miller were on Prison Break together and the show loves making tongue-in-cheek references to their history together.

    The whole thing doesn't seem like it should work, but it really really really does????

    Rip Hunter is probably the most incompetent character to ever travel through time... Snart tends to stand out as the only person who gets shit done without ruining everything.

    Like this is a guy who wears a full blown parka in the middle of spring in a 1970s bar and makes it look natural.

    In an interview, Miller said about his character, "I instinctively feel like he’s probably pansexual and just gets a hard-on for your soul.” That explains why it feels like he's trying to seduce us with even completely non-sexual dialogue.

    We don't know where his slightly ridiculous drawl comes from, but it's laced with this incredible ice-cold sarcasm.

    You spend every episode waiting for a classic Snart one-liner.

    And he acts like he's tough, but you know he's a big softie.

    Ugh, his troubled family baggage just makes you want to wrap him up in a blanket.

    Like he literally TRAVELLED THROUGH TIME to tell himself that he needs to be a big boy.

    And his relationship with Sara. 😍

    And if all of that weren't enough, Wentworth Miller is an outspoken advocate for body image, LGTBQ, and mental health issues.

    Facebook: wentworthmilleractorwriter

    Like, CW knows right? They've got gold on their hands with Wentworth and they're just gonna keep plugging him full of incredible lines.

    We don't deserve this.