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Don't Click On This Post If You're Fasting

I'm warning you, stay out.

Oh my god. You clicked on this post. In the MONTH OF RAMADAN. Don't you have any self-control?

20th Century Fox / Via

Okay, so I know Ramadan ain't easy. But it's all about restraining your base desires. About BEING A BETTER PERSON. THIS IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE USAGE OF YOUR MONTH OF REFLECTION!!!!


What kind of person clicks on the thing I specifically ASKED YOU NOT TO CLICK ON?

Oh man. I got a little heated there. Gotta get my sabr on.

OK, fine. FINE. Now that you're here. I'll admit it.

For the last month, I've been taking 45 minutes out of every work day to bookmark all my favorite food pics in this draft.

Twitter: @MancGirlsProbz


Listen, I know it's probably not healthy, but meditating on this perfect breakfast soothes my raging caffeine headache.

Vanessa Rees / Via

I know that, nutritionally, this picture of French toast is worthless, but spiritually, it's very fulfilling.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed / Via

Staring at this mac & cheese for five minutes every hour helps keep my energy up.

Muna Kennedy / Via

Recipe here.

I'm eating this pizza with my mind.

This lamb biryani soothes my soul.

Muna Kennedy / Via

Recipe here.

This spaghetti is Not Safe For Ramadan at all.

Helen Rosner / Via

Recipe here.

This cheese is perfectly melting, just like my brain.

Maria & Josh Lichty / Via

Recipe here.

I don't even like dessert that much, but I basically become a sugar addict during Ramadan.

Josie / Via

Recipe here.

This is basically a real-life look into my dreams.

Jen Pantin / Via

Recipe here.

This syrup is frankly so sexy it might actually be haram.

Dana Shultz / Via

Recipe here.

This plate of K'nafa would forgive me for my sins.


I'm getting tired now so I'm just going to stare at this picture of Jollof Rice for like half an hour.

I'm so far away from homemade grape leaves.

Mideats / Via

Recipe here.


But honestly, even salad is starting to look good????

Sonja Dahlgren / Via

Recipe here.


Flickr: Mike Mozart / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

Don't imagine the flaky crust of a samosa busting open with spicy potatoes. Soon. Sooooooon.

Dassana and Amit / Via

Recipe here.

Is it iftar time yet? 😭😭😭😭😭

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