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17 Insanely Delicious Things You Can Make With Dates

You've eaten them at the end of every fasting day, so why not reward yourself with a fruity Eid dessert or snack?

1. Blend pitted dates with almonds and raisins to make yourself some chewy, healthy energy bars.

Recipe here.

2. Bake up some semolina ma'amoul cookies stuffed with sweet, delicious dates.

Recipe here.

3. Stuff dates with coconut and pistachio for some gorgeous finger food.

4. Use them to sweeten up a raw, vegan tiramisu with coffee and date "ladyfingers."

5. Churn yourself some fruity ice cream flavored with pomegranate molasses and dates.

6. Whip together some date paste for an easy all-purpose sweetener.

7. And then use that date paste as the sweetener in this chocolate peanut butter avocado pudding.

8. Mix dates with almonds, sea salt, coconut oil, and more to make the crust for this pretty yogurt cardamom tart.

9. Make a big bowl of milky sheer khurma, flavored with nuts, dried fruit, and saffron and packed to the brim with vermicelli.

10. Use date caramel as a base for delicious, vegan peanut butter and chocolate truffles.

11. Throw them in a blender with milk, nuts, and other dried fruits to make an energizing shake.

Get the recipe here.

12. Roll up some peanut butter cookie date balls for an easy and quick snack.

Recipe here.

13. Cook up dates with tamarind and spices to make a sweet-and-sour chutney.

14. Throw together some khoshaf, a quick and delicious fruit-and-nut compote.

15. Drizzle date syrup over crepes stuffed with coconut and cardamom filling.

16. Construct a salty, cashew-y base using dates for this potentially life-changing raw chocolate caramel pie.

17. Use dates, almonds and oranges as a classy garnish for vanilla ice cream and mango sorbet.