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PSA: Chai Tea Latte Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Just "chai" is fine.

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When you think of chai, you probably think exclusively of that mildly spiced, milky tea (often made from concentrate) popularized by Starbucks and Oregon Chai.

In languages all over the world, "chai" is the literal translation for the English word "tea."

In China, where tea originated, it's cha. Elsewhere, you have the "Russian chai, Persian cha, Greek tsai, Arabic shay, and Turkish ├žay."

In South Asia, where corporations likely got the word, "chai" can be used to describe tea that's been made black or with milk, with spice or without... IT'S ALL CHAI, BROTHER. "Masala chai," or "spiced tea" is probably the closest thing to a chai tea latte, but even that's stretching it.


Painful, right?