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19 Broments That Only Bros Will Unbrostand

Bro? Bro.

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1. When a bro already has everything:

2. When the stars align:

3. When a bro feels power from within:

4. When bros yearn for permanency:

5. When bros are supportive:

6. When a bro is loyal:

7. When Bromeo and Dudeliet met:

8. When bros love the same things:

"Bro?” “Bro!” “Bro.” "ball isnt life….” "bro…..” “you are life” “b-bro!”

9. When a bro goes out:

10. When a bro studies chemistry:

11. When a bro loves something unconventional:

12. When bros find nirvana:

13. When bros go on a run:

14. When one bro breaks another bro's heart:

15. When a bro needs to go:

16. When a bro has a sweet tooth:

17. When a bro finds his way:

18. When nothing exists outside this moment:

19. And when a bro appreciates a masterpiece:

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