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People Are Tweeting #BlackMuslimRamadan Photos And Stories To Celebrate The Month

"My #BlackMuslimRamadan is about bean pie, not baklava."

#BlackMuslimRamadan is a hashtag started this Wednesday by Donna Auston, a doctoral candidate in anthropology.

Because my #BlackMuslimRamadan is all about #BeanPie, not Baklava.

Every year, news outlets do "Ramadan Around the World" features--I almost never see people who look/celebrate like me. #BlackMuslimRamadan

Auston told BuzzFeed she started the hashtag in order to increase visibility and exert a greater level of control over the American Muslim narrative, where black Muslims are rarely included.

#BlackMuslimRamadan is such an important hashtag. Does old media realize Arabs make up less than 15% of the Muslim population worldwide?

The Pew Forum reported in 2009 that the Middle East and North Africa made up 20% of the world Muslim population.

Auston also said she launched the hashtag because "celebrating the beauty and richness of black life and cultural expression is absolutely essential," in light of #blacklivesmatter and attacks on black religious centers in Charleston and elsewhere.

#BlackMuslimRamadan Just thinking about my place as a Black Muslim doing social justice in the South being a double targeted minority.

Amadou Diallo didn't have luxury of putting his Islam 1st. His blackness got him shot 41 times. #BlackMuslimRamadan https://t.co/hhmD094aUA

Many on Twitter took the opportunity to discuss microaggressions and misconceptions within the Muslim community.

Being asked if you and your family are reverts by Asian/Arab muslims because being a black muslim is apparently strange #BlackMuslimRamadan

#BlackMuslimRamadan for me is challenging the anti Blackness that's been imbedded in Muslim communities for centuries.

Sometimes #BlackMuslimRamadan involves gently pointing out to my friends the racist things their parents say to me.

Others revealed the struggle of fasting while poor or homeless.

Suhoor in the projects or in shelters but we still rocked it #blackmuslimramadan

@drsafiyya oh my yes!!! thanks for dredging up bad childhood memories😭😭😭

There were many tributes to the lasting influence black Muslim elders have had on the civil rights struggle in America.

Reflecting on how #MalcolmX's words still apply to Black Muslims and all Muslims in #Ramadan 2015 #BlackMuslimRamadan

My Grandmother passed away on the second day of Ramadan. Her memorial was filled with civil and human rights activist. #BlackMuslimRamadan

#BlackMuslimRamadan means enjoying the post-Iftar conversation where elder sisters drop knowledge on black Muslim womanhood & survival

Some pointed out that black Muslims have been in America as early as slavery.

The history of Black Muslims in America that no one ever reads about! #BlackMuslimRamadan

Of course, it was also an opportunity to show off Ramadan swag.

Eid last year... Squad! #BeingBlackAndMuslim #BlackMuslimRamadan

“Married On The 4th of July” #Anniversary #TheStoryOfUs #BlackFamily #AfroLatino #BlackMuslimRamadan

MyBabies 1st Eid in Philly! "We get presents everyday for 3 days?! Thats better than Xmas!" #BlackMuslimRamadan

There were lots of excellent tweets about the amazing food black Muslims are well-known for.

Even when I'm going to an interracial Iftar I make sure to come through with the vegan cornbread #BlackMuslimRamadan

Like the delicious bean pie. 😍😍😍

If you have not eaten a bean pie yet in 2015, unfortunately you have not truly experienced a #BlackMuslimRamadan

To every non-Black American Muslim, if you haven't had a bean pie, you are seriously missing out #BlackMuslimRamadan

When you step out of your car in front of this place, & you fasting, & that aroma grabs you 😢😫#BlackMuslimRamadan

"No filter. Just fasting."

Ramadhan Glow🌺 No filter. Just fasting. #JummahFlo last weekend with @aakahera #BlackMuslimRamadan

How did you celebrate your #BlackMuslimRamadan?

#BlackMuslimRamadan #Philadelphia #EverydayMuslimPhiladelphia

All that said, I wouldn't trade my #BlackMuslimRamadan for anything. As the saying goes, God made me Black because He knew I could handle it

Feeding the homeless every weekend #DC #BlackMuslimRamadan

Celebrating my #BlackMuslimRamadan means knowing that supporting black churches under attack is my cause and jihad too #goodwillprevail

My wife and I when someone asks why need the hashtag #BlackMuslimRamadan

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