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    24 Things Your Parents Did That Guaranteed You Never Got A Date

    Mom and dad should have known better.

    1. Your parents were obviously the ones who insisted you use a rolling bookbag:

    2. They didn't say anything when you replaced all of your pants with JNCO jeans:

    3. They lied to you when they said you looked good on photo day:

    4. They let you wear Dragon Ball Z button-up shirts to school:

    5. Or Looney Tunes sweatshirts:

    6. Your mom came to your games and was a little too enthusiastic:

    7. They lent out old fedoras and trench coats, because they thought they made you look handsome:

    8. Your mom let you do your own makeup so you could try to look as glamorous as this:

    9. They didn't unpop both of your collars before you walked out the door:

    10. They gave you a bowl cut:

    11. Or frosted tips:

    12. Or a middle part:

    13. They sometimes chaperoned dances and made grinding a literal hell:

    14. They said boys would think your unibrow was cute:

    15. They didn't teach you to shave right away, so you had a rat-stache:

    16. They suggested you get transition lenses, because it's like a free pair of sunglasses:

    17. They didn't care you had no talent when you entered talent shows:

    18. They let you start a band in middle school, even though you didn't know how to play instruments:

    19. Your parents kissed you good-bye way too aggressively in front of your friends:

    20. They insisted you join a robotics or math club:

    21. They made you get braces, but also gave you cornrows??

    22. They bought you Pokémon cards and let you bring them to school:

    23. They gave you leftovers instead of Lunchables:

    24. And if by some miracle somebody was digging your style, your parents found a way to scare the living hell out of them: