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    15 Things You Won't Get If You Don't Play Video Games

    Never miss a side quest.

    1. You know that there's a secret area behind this wall...

    2. ...and a chest behind this one.

    3. Don't miss out talking to this little guy.

    4. Nope. That area's closed off. Don't even try.

    5. If playing Grand Theft Auto taught you anything, you'll be fine jumping this ramp.

    6. There's a super OP weapon hidden in this quad.

    7. And a cutscene lurking behind that window.

    8. Hit these things to get max speed out of your car.

    9. Be prepared for pissed-off statues that shoot fire.

    10. Oh man, can you imagine having to backtrack for this key? LOL

    11. Imagine all the people avoiding this guy and missing out on sweet loot.

    12. As soon as you see fog, equip the right weapons for a zombie rush.

    13. How would you ever know about this important side quest?

    14. Video games teach you to solve all your problems, even the hard ones.

    15. Be ready for anything.

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