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    The Actor Who Played Jimmy On "Degrassi" Is A Babe Now


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    Remember Jimmy Brooks, basketball star and Degrassi Community School graduate class of 2007?

    Epitome Pictures

    Remember how a school shooting left Jimmy in a wheelchair?

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    And how he then struggled to get it up for his girlfriend Ashley?

    Epitome Pictures


    Epitome Pictures

    Well, Aubrey Graham, the actor who played him, grew up to be REALLY hot.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Yup, little Aubrey's a MAN now.

    Hi. Hello. Yes. 😍

    Apparently Aubrey is the self-proclaimed "world's biggest Nicki Minaj fan." She's even invited him on set a couple of times.

    But besides that, it's not really clear what he's up to these days, though it sure looks like he's spending a lot of his time at the gym.


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