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J.K. Rowling Had The Cutest Response To A Reader About Fasting For Ramadan

That's how you keep your fans.

Fasting during Ramadan can be a struggle if you're surrounded by food, and sometimes it catches you in places you don't expect.

Twitter user Mujtaba Alvi, who is abstaining from food and water for Ramadan, gave J.K. Rowling a lowkey compliment by saying her descriptive writing was actually making his fast difficult.

@jk_rowling reading harry potter isn't the best thing to do whilst fasting. The way you describe the food has me starving

Rowling, being the star that she is, let him know which book in the series has the least food.

.@mujtaba_alvi_ Try Hallows. They don't eat much in that one!

Alvi, who is located in Toronto, told BuzzFeed he's been a fan of the series since he was a kid. Naturally, he has read the series before so he can actually switch to the The Deathly Hallows without worry for spoilers.

To make things better, it was Alvi's birthday. How adorbs is it that he was reading Rowling on his birthday and she responded?

@jk_rowling you replied to me on my birthday! :D greatest gift ever

Never stop slaying, J.K.

This post has been updated with comments from Alvi.