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    15 People Who Definitely Don't Speak Arabic

    "Why do Muslims always shake hands & say "Salman I like him" when they meet in the street? Who is Salman? Why do they all like him?"

    This week on See Something Say Something, I talked to guests about the role of Arabic in American Muslim communities.

    Like, what is a wallah bro? How do people text in Arabic? And how did people mispronounce your name? Listen to that conversation here.

    1. More importantly, I talked about this incredible thing on Twitter where people try to say Arabic words and fail miserably.

    2. Like this person, who I think is trying to say "astaghfirullah."

    why do Muslims always say a staff gorilla when they do something bad

    3. This guy too.

    Why do muslims say Asda fruitella when something bad happens?

    4. Or this person.

    Why do Muslims say to other Muslims salmonella come when they see each other? Are they bringing awareness of this disease?

    5. Would the response to this be "Walter Salman I like him?"

    y do muslims always shake hands & say 'salman i like him' when they meet in the street who is salman y do they all like him

    6. A staff gorilla, I hope not.

    why do muslims say your ham cola when someone sneezes?

    7. This needs to stop.

    Why do muslims say 'all ham the umbrella' when they achieve something?🤔

    8. Oh my god.

    Why do Muslims say jazz luck care when they help each other

    9. Sometimes, it's intentional AF.

    "Zeinab, I understand you're a feminist but you can't end your dua with 'awomen' instead of 'amen'"

    10. I think this person means "marshmallow."

    why do muslims say martial arts all the time

    11. This interviewer definitely didn't understand Arabic.

    I told this job interviewer I spoke arabic. I read surah Ikhlas and told him I was asking him how his day went loool

    12. Neither does Lindsay Lohan.

    Lindsay Lohan wanted to tell everyone "You're BEAUTIFUL" ... later found out it means "You're a donkey" #BenHafiz

    13. Sometimes, the person is trying, but you know... just not succeeding, at all.

    when I'm sad, i remember my Muslim friend's boyfriend asking why she always says "enchilada" on the phone w her parents it was INSHALLAH

    14. Everyone in this scenario (which is amazing, btw).

    Just loudly yelled "Allahu Akbar" to end this conversation this lady was trying to have with me about how much she loves kundalini yoga.

    15. Aaaaand John Cena.

    There is a reason why I'm still on Facebook

    Here's a snippet of the segment from See Something Say Something:

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