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    Updated on Aug 15, 2018. Posted on Nov 22, 2014

    The Definitive Ranking Of All "Super Smash Bros. For Wii U" Characters

    Settle it in re-rankable SMASH! DISCLAIMER: Not a tier list.

    51. Dark Pit

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Prettier arrows than Pit...?

    Con: Nobody asked for this. Nobody.

    50. Zero Suit Samus

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: ABSURDLY fast and powerful.

    Con: How does she fit those heels into her Power Suit?

    49. Mii Swordsman

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Now you can make all of your Game of Thrones fan fiction come true!

    Con: The preferred character of egotistical men's rights activists. Usually wears a top hat.

    48. Palutena

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: God as a video game character.

    Con: God as a sexualized video game character.

    47. Mii Gunner

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Great if you want to make custom versions of Robocop, Judge Dredd, or... Samus?

    Con: The dark horse of the three Mii characters.

    46. Pit

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Has better hair than your average One Direction member.

    Con: Really ugly feet, yet insists on wearing sandals.

    45. Meta Knight

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Kirby with a sword, mask, and wings.

    Con: Doesn't take off his mask so you can see how gosh-darn cute he is!

    44. Pikmin + Olimar

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Could literally fit him in your pocket.

    Con: Might... kind of be the Christopher Columbus of Nintendo characters?

    43. Diddy Kong

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: The eternal little brother who wants your approval.

    Con: Does not know how to clean up after himself.

    42. Lucario

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Cool! It's Egyptian god Anubis if he was a blue ninja wolf with spikes on his hands!!!

    Con: No, seriously, what is this thing?

    41. Zelda

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Elegant and classy with lots of fun party tricks.

    Con: Stuck in Hyrule Castle all day, so she's not really a great conversationalist.

    40. Ganondorf

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Comfortable in purple. Weirdly strong for how chubby he is.

    Con: Prefers to be called Uncle Ganondorf, sir.

    39. Lucina

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Wears a tiara, but still ain't #basic.

    Con: Do those boots make any sense? How many boots is she wearing!?

    38. Mii Brawler

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: It's you! As a character from Street Fighter!

    Con: It's Stalin! As a character from Street Fighter!

    37. Mario

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: I mean, what's not to like? It's Mario.

    Con: Kind of seems like he's given up on making us love him.

    36. Wii Fit Trainer

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: A really surprising character idea that somehow makes perfect sense.

    Con: She's like that woman in your yoga class whose form is better than yours and lets you know it.

    35. Shulk

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Definitely the most interesting sword in Smash Bros. And there are a LOT of swords in Smash Bros.

    Con: All his friends suggested him for an episode of What Not to Wear.

    34. Wario

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: A farting, fat biker. What's not to love?

    Con: OK as a video game character. Unacceptable as a real person.

    33. Mega Man

    Nintendo / Via


    Con: Grim, expressionless face.

    32. Sheik

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Hasn't been in a non-Smash video game for like 10 years, so that's impressive.

    Con: Takes her hours to do her hair.

    31. Ike

    Nintendo / Via

    Pros: A real man. Muscular and sensitive.

    Cons: A dedicated student of "THE MORE BELTS THE BETTER" school of thought.

    30. Dr. Mario

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: It's still Mario, but after Peach's dad told him he could never provide her the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Very loose with his prescription pad.

    Con: Crippling self-doubt at having abandoned his passion.

    29. Toon Link

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: For people who like Link, but also watch SpongeBob SquarePants.

    Con: Its a travesty that the Deku Leaf isn't his recovery move.

    28. Sonic / Via

    Pro: Zippy and peppy and really '90s.

    Con: Prepare to be judged by anyone above the age of 17.

    27. Charizard

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Japanese name is Lizardon, which would be a sweet '80s hair metal band if rendered as Lizard Don.

    Con: RIP Squirtle and Ivysaur.

    26. Robin

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Take a look! It's in a book! A reading rainbowwwwww!

    Con: Does not believe in paper recycling.

    25. Marth

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Has nicer hair than you.

    Con: Kind of aloof.

    24. Fox

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Fast, nimble, and oh-so-cuddly.

    Con: Maybe the worst voice actor switch in the history of video games.

    23. Greninja

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: He's a cute origami frog who will MURDER YOU WITH WATER.

    Con: Uhhhhh, is that his tongue, a scarf, or both?

    22. Donkey Kong

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Dammit, doesn't everyone want to be the leader of the D.K. Crew?

    Con: Gets called "expand dong" a lot.

    21. R.O.B. / Via

    Pro: Received a major personality upgrade this time around. Actually seems like someone you'd want to hang out with???

    Con: Has leaking eyeball syndrome.

    20. Yoshi

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: OMG so cute! Aw! I want to cuddle him.

    Con: Omigod how is his digestive system processing me so quickly i aaaa noooo

    19. Link

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Pulls off tights and Frye boots better than most sorority girls.

    Con: Has the wardrobe variety of a sorority girl.

    18. Falco

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: An intentionally badass character that actually works!

    Con: The only character your 8-year-old nephew will play.

    17. Little Mac

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Punch very much.

    Con: Die very fast.

    16. Bowser

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Bowser has apparently been doing DDP Yoga for the past few years, because his posture has improved considerably and all of his moves are now dropkicks.

    Con: Very confusing hair and eyebrows.

    15. Pikachu

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: He's a chill bro. Can wear many hats.

    Con: Neighbors might call pest control on you.

    14. Samus

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Manages to be a kind of unique character, despite being another cybernetic assassin.

    Con: Somehow less used than Zero Suit Samus, which makes no sense. She has ZERO suits!!!

    13. Mr. Game and Watch

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Super chill. Hardworking. Just wants to feed his kids.

    Con: A victim of structural dimensionalism.

    12. Ness

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: A portable fireworks show!

    Con: His mom might call your cell because he is definitely skipping fifth period right now.

    11. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Has all the coolest new toys.

    Con: Will NOT let you ride shotgun.

    10. Peach

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Prepared for a full day of gardening, golfing, cooking, tennis, or extreme parasoling.

    Con: Keeps getting kidnapped.

    9. Luigi

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: He's really awkward and eccentric!

    Con: He's really awkward and eccentric.

    8. Rosalina & Luma

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Two for the price of one!

    Con: Lives the #nonewfriends life for real.

    7. King Dedede

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: The Kanye West of Super Smash Bros.

    Con: The Kanye West of Super Smash Bros.

    6. Pac-Man

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: A dude you could bring as your plus-one to ANY party.

    Con: His eyes are in the shape of himself. HIS EYES ARE IN THE SHAPE OF HIMSELF.

    5. Duck Hunt

    Pro: An amazing old school reference! Whoa!

    Con: The dark sludge of unhappiness that bubbles in your lungs when you hear the dog laugh at you.

    4. Jigglypuff

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Beautiful singing voice to lull you to sleep.

    Con: Has an explosive forehead.

    3. Villager

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Basically could be you as a kid.

    Con: But only if you're white.

    2. Kirby

    Pro: Like your toddler nephew if he was a human marshmallow.

    Con: Always copying your most defining characteristics and showing them off to his friends.

    1. Captain Falcon

    Nintendo / Via

    Pro: Really memorable personality defined entirely by his appearance in Smash.

    Con: Nipples might be a little TOO hard.

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