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The Definitive Ranking Of All "Super Smash Bros. For Wii U" Characters

Settle it in re-rankable SMASH! DISCLAIMER: Not a tier list.

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49. Mii Swordsman

Nintendo / Via

Pro: Now you can make all of your Game of Thrones fan fiction come true!

Con: The preferred character of egotistical men's rights activists. Usually wears a top hat.

36. Wii Fit Trainer

Nintendo / Via

Pro: A really surprising character idea that somehow makes perfect sense.

Con: She's like that woman in your yoga class whose form is better than yours and lets you know it.

35. Shulk

Nintendo / Via

Pro: Definitely the most interesting sword in Smash Bros. And there are a LOT of swords in Smash Bros.

Con: All his friends suggested him for an episode of What Not to Wear.

30. Dr. Mario

Nintendo / Via

Pro: It's still Mario, but after Peach's dad told him he could never provide her the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Very loose with his prescription pad.

Con: Crippling self-doubt at having abandoned his passion.

16. Bowser

Nintendo / Via

Pro: Bowser has apparently been doing DDP Yoga for the past few years, because his posture has improved considerably and all of his moves are now dropkicks.

Con: Very confusing hair and eyebrows.

14. Samus

Nintendo / Via

Pro: Manages to be a kind of unique character, despite being another cybernetic assassin.

Con: Somehow less used than Zero Suit Samus, which makes no sense. She has ZERO suits!!!

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