4 Podcast Episodes That Will Help You Make Sense Of Trump's Immigration Ban

    See Something Say Something talks to lawyers, activists, and thinkers about Trump's executive orders.

    On BuzzFeed's show See Something Say Something, I gather folks to drink chai, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.

    We usually release one episode a week — but in the weeks since Trump has been elected, we've released FOUR to help you make sense of the protests, immigration bans, and the future.

    1. Last week, I hosted the show's first ever live stream, which was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT.

    The show was hosted by WNYC's The Greene Space.

    While the show is usually a podcast, we recorded the whole thing on Facebook Live as well.

    Facebook: ahmed.ali.akbar

    Our main panel was a conversation about resilience, protests, and engaging with white supremacy, featuring Professor Moustafa Bayoumi, writer and The Tempest CEO Laila Alawa, and Rais Bhuiyan.

    Rais told a beautiful and moving story about being the victim of a violent hate crime, and forgiving his attacker.

    Laila advised people to get more involved in poliitcs...

    .@lulainlife with some advice for when you're feeling helpless #ssssLIVE watch the full episode here… https://t.co/U1ERXAZpCw

    ...while Moustafa joked about how fun protesting is.

    If you're feeling left out by all the political activity on the TL, listen to @BayoumiMoustafa talk about how it's… https://t.co/XCLal0OmQa

    The show was also packed full of fun stuff for fans of the show. We had our theme music played live by The Kominas...

    ...and we played a game of Halal or Not.

    Then, in the days after Trump's ban, we released three episodes of the podcast, each tackling the executive order from a different angle.

    2. On Episode 1 of the "Banned Together" series, I talked to lawyers and community organizers Ramzi Kassem (of CUNY's CLEAR program) and Zahra Billoo (of CAIR-California) and asked them to explain the content of Trump's immigration order.

    Ramzi explained how people affected by the ban can stay safe (below!), while Zahra talked about ways people not affected by the ban can help.

    Here's our updated #MuslimBan guidance as of Jan 31, 2017. https://t.co/4hd0ZLqldL

    3. In Episode 2 of Banned Together, I interviewed Yale Law professor Muneer Ahmad about filing a case against the government and the future of the legal battle around immigration.

    Muneer was one of the lawyers involved in fighting the immigration order in court the morning after the executive order was signed.

    So proud of my #yalelawschool students and colleagues, #IRAP, #NILC and #ACLU!

    4. In the final episode of Banned Together, I invited Moustafa Bayoumi back on the show to talk with Elamin Abdelmahmoud, News Curation Editor at BuzzFeed.

    Elamin talked about about the arrival of public hate and bigotry in America...

    Banned Together mini ep 3: @BayoumiMoustafa & @elamin88 process the #MuslimBan https://t.co/tz1Y0e43OQ

    ...while Moustafa talked about the parallels between Trump's executive order and Japanese Internment.

    Here are three mini eps ft. @elamin88 & @BayoumiMoustafa that will help you make sense of Trump's #MuslimBan… https://t.co/97uswOPxNd

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