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    Posted on Oct 7, 2015

    35 Very Important Questions I Need Yoshi To Answer Right Now

    Or should I say T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas?

    1. If you hatch with "shoes" on, does that mean your shoes are actually your feet?

    PSA: yoshi isn't wearing shoes, those are his actual feet, he's a monster

    2. And does that mean your saddle is glued to your spine?

    3. It kind of seems like adult Yoshi is still a baby. Is there such a thing as an old Yoshi with wrinkles and a grizzled beard?

    4. Or is your lifespan like: baby Yoshi - > "adult" Yoshi -> dead Yoshi?

    5. Is there anything you can't digest? It seems like you can turn most things into eggs.

    Nintendo / Via

    6. Do teen Yoshis ever like, transform each other into eggs? You know, to experiment?

    7. If you make things into eggs by eating them, how do you bear children?

    8. Do you even poop?


    10. Does that mean you're secretly a mammal?

    11. If Birdo spits eggs out her mouth and you lay them out your butt, then what the fuck is going on between you two?

    12. How are you still friends with Mario after he's used you so many times?

    Fox ADHD / Via

    13. Do you die?

    14. Like, we keep killing you and you keep coming back.

    15. Are there any cultures in the world that enjoy Yoshi meat and if so how do they prepare it? Asking for a friend.

    16. Can Yoshis get drunk?

    17. If so, do you guys all get together and sing this song?

    18. Do you have a preferred gender identification?

    19. Does racism exist amongst Yoshis?

    20. Like are there certain Yoshi colors that are seen as more beautiful or something?

    21. Is your full name actually T. Yoshisaur Munchikoopas?

    Wait, Yoshi's real name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas??!!

    22. Are all Yoshis named "Yoshi" or is that just YOUR nickname?

    23. That's weird. That's like if I decided to call myself "Human."

    24. When you spit fire, is that indigestion orrrrr what?

    25. Do you make that HUNNNNNNNGH jumping sound when you poop?

    26. Who taught you how to sing?

    27. Do any other animals besides Yoshis live on Yoshi's Island? That seems kind of colonial.

    28. Does it hurt when Mario punches the back of your head?

    29. Who taught you how to drive? You are an animal.


    30. Who taught you to play tennis?

    31. Who taught you to play golf?

    32. Who taught you to play soccer?

    33. Who taught you to play basketball?

    34. Also, did you have to get a license to drive or like, wait what.

    35. Most importantly, how do you feel about this?

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