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    Posted on Oct 5, 2015

    28 Moments That Will Make You Say "Nice"

    You be killin 'em.

    1. When Netflix actually remembers your place in the show you're watching.

    2. When the first pair of pants you try on fit perfectly.

    3. When your mom calls and doesn't leave a voicemail.

    4. When the doorbell rings and it's piiiiiiizza.

    5. When you turn on the TV and our favorite episode of Spongebob is playing.

    6. When the wedding DJ plays your song.

    7. Whenever Fabolous says "Niceeee" in his songs.

    8. Whenever the Rock does literally anything.

    9. When you get free bread with dinner.

    10. When the cable company doesn't overcharge you.

    11. When you see the words "free wi-fi."

    12. When you look at your ass in the mirror and it's doing alright.

    13. When you wake up feeling like you slept in, but actually your alarm hasn't even gone off yet.

    14. When you still haven't developed back hair.

    15. When your phone is at 1% battery and hasn't died yet.

    HBO / Via

    16. When you get the "Actually, my flight isn't delayed!" text.

    17. When microwaved Chinese food comes out heated all the way through.

    18. When you load a VEVO music video and you get no ads.

    19. When you check your hair at noon and it's actually fine???

    20. When you pull out a massive flake stuck in your nose in one dig.

    21. When it ain't on sale but you get the discount anyway.

    22. When you don't have to pay for shipping.

    23. When nobody else is in a public bathroom.

    DIC Entertainment / Via

    24. When your friend's mom actually seasons their food.

    25. When your boss tells you to take off because you've worked hard but really you weren't.

    26. When someone else burps but not in a super gross way.

    27. When you hand the camera to a stranger and they actually manage to make you look good.

    28. When the mac and cheese comes out of the oven perfectly browned and cheesy.

    Comedy Central / Via

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