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    Aug 5, 2015

    25 Unbelievably Real Moments From The #GrowingUpMuslim Hashtag

    Learning that "inshallah" actually means "never".

    1. The terrible gamble of watching a PG-13 movie with your parents.

    When you are with family watching a movie and a brazen kissing scene begins out of nowhere #GrowingUpMuslim

    2. Getting home after Eid prayer and trying to avoid all the stares at your thobe or shalwar kameez.

    #growingupmuslim when you're wearing a thobe or abaya and you get on the bus and everyone looks at you like

    3. Having to deal with unbelie-heeeeee-vable questions in school.

    #GrowingUpMuslim There was always that one prick in school who asked you "is Osama Bin Laden your dad ?"

    4. Getting lectured by your parents about your misplaced values.

    Me: I prefer Disneyland over Universal Mum: *lectures about the whole process where Disney is anti-Muslim and all* #GrowingUpMuslim

    5. And then transforming into a different person at school when your parents were around.

    when you're at school with your parents and a guy comes up and tries to talk to you #GrowingUpMuslim

    6. Crying literal tears of joy when you found halal marshmallows.

    #GrowingUpMuslim seeing "حلال" written on food

    7. Earnestly hoping that dua will give you an A++++++ on a test.

    #GrowingUpMuslim Realizing that you haven't study for a test and so you start making major Duaa while the teacher is handing the tests out.

    8. Learning that "God Willing" had two entirely different meanings.

    #GrowingUpMuslim When your parents say "Insha'Allah" and you know it means never

    9. Let's be honest though. It really only had one meaning.

    10. Lying to someone's face with full knowledge they could turn things nuclear by just saying "wallahi?".

    Tryna lie about something until someone says 'say wallahi' and you just stare at them like.. #GrowingUpMuslim

    11. Having to explain the lota in the bathroom and feeling a little ashamed on behalf of your friends' unwashed buttholes.

    #GrowingUpMuslim and your non muslim friends come over & ask why tf this is in your bathroom 😬😂

    12. Making the mistake of using your left hand, ever.

    #growingupMuslim when you get caught eating with your left hand:

    13. Not being able to take your hijab off at school in front of boys OR girls without stares.

    #GrowingUpMuslim when you fixing your hijab in the girls bathroom and everyone looks at you so they can see your hair

    14. Having at least one family member who reacted to dogs like this.

    15. Slugging through racks and racks to find modest-yet-cute clothing.

    #GrowingUpMuslim trying to find a cute maxi dress without a slit or see through chiffon 😪

    16. Trying to keep it cool during prayer with friends.

    When you were a kid and one person laughed during prayer and you just die laughing too 😭😭 #GrowingUpMuslim

    17. Zoning out during prayer due to literally having a child-like attention span.

    #GrowingUpMuslim When you're doing salah and you forget which rakat you're on

    18. Sweat forming on your teacher's brow when you said you wanted to be a chemist.

    #GrowingUpMuslim Teacher: what do u want to be in the future? Me: a chemist *what teacher hears*

    19. Having at least one framed photo of some sort of hovering Qur'an in your house.

    #growingupmuslim having these kind of wall decoration in your house loool

    20. This constant lecture on double standards.

    "You can memorize songs, but you cant memorize the Quran..." #GrowingupMuslim #GrowingUpBlack

    21. Wearing a hijab as a child at least once, regardless of your gender.

    #GrowingUpArab to his happened to every male in the house. #GrowingUpMuslim

    22. Coming to a birthday party and the only thing to eat was pepperoni pizza.

    "Why don't you just take the bacon off" #growingupmuslim

    23. Finding some vindictive post-Christmas pleasure on Eid.

    #growingupmuslim getting eid money and then flexing on the white kids at school the next day like

    24. Making dua that this is NOT the last year you get Eid money.

    When ur too old for the money on eid but u getting it anyway #growingupmuslim

    25. Seriously though. 🌄🌄👑😎EID. 💫💫💫MONEYYYYY. 💰💰💰

    when you get that eid money #growingupmuslim

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