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    Literally Just 24 Really Funny Tumblr Posts About Pokémon

    Pika! Pika! *electronic screams of the damned*

    1. When the Pokédex hit too close to home.

    2. When you accept your new lord and master.

    3. When it's Bring Your Poké to Work Day.

    4. When you try to use a Moon Stone IRL.

    5. When they only updated Pikachu.

    6. When your Pokémon Go scams are on point.

    7. When you realize the children are the future.

    8. When the children aren't the future.

    9. When nostalgia blinds you.

    10. When hacking went too far.

    11. When you apply the Pokémon Go concept to other Nintendo games.

    12. When you’re cooking up some nom ‘Mons.

    jonny sun

    13. When you use Protect IRL.

    14. When your world changed forever.

    15. When you start going to the gym.

    16. When your mom plays Pokémon.

    17. When you remember how incredible James from the TV show was.

    18. When you think about the cruel logic of parents in the Pokémon world.

    19. When you take a job as a librarian.

    20. When you just can't decide.

    21. When Pokémon taught you life skills.

    22. When this image basically sums up Pokémon Go.

    23. When they've turned too many damn inanimate objects into Pokémon.

    24. And when school starts again and this inevitably happens.


    Number 12 was originally a tweet by @johnnysun. An earlier version of this post said it was a Tumblr post — but it's a great joke either way.