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    23 Bollywood Dance Moves You Must Master Immediately

    Backup dancers not included.

    1. Let's start with the versatile classic, the Thumka:

    2. And for the boys, the Pretty Much Bhangra:

    3. For the aunties, the Vah-Vah-Vah:

    4. Once you learn those, things get pretty intense, like the Hip-Swivel:

    5. The Imagine This Is Your Butt:

    6. Literally the Dance Floor:

    7. The Classic Toss Dat:

    8. The That's Bae:

    9. With a partner, the Rock With It, Ride With It:

    10. The Anaconda, if you have two partners:

    11. The Truest Expression of Love:

    12. The ~Dream Sequence~:

    13. The Booty-Shake, Booty-Shake:

    14. With a dupatta, there's the Shoulder Strut:

    15. The Wax On, Wax Off:

    Perfect for: When you can't dance, but you have colorful scarves.

    16. The Can You Guess What's Under My Blouse?

    17. The Show 'Em What You Got:

    18. The Hang Loose:

    19. It's All in the Hands:

    20. The Pain of Disco:

    21. The Head-Scratcher:

    22. The Does My Belt Fit?

    23. The HELL YEAH IT DOES: