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Just 19 Hilarious Things Muslims On The Internet Have Blessed Us With

LOL. Astaghfirullah. But also, LOL.

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1. This total dad joke:

2. When you're trying to exhibit sabr:

3. And when you're trying desperately to keep that "no dating before marriage" dream alive:

4. When you hear a dirty joke, but you're still trying to stay on the Straight Path:

5. And even the road seems stacked against you:

6. Learning to develop the thickest skin possible:

7. Seeing a cute dress at the mall and knowing you can't take it home:

8. Function > Fashion

9. The best prayer for saving yourself from mom's wrath:


11. Needing a backup wallpaper for mom:

12. This argument you probably had with your parents:

13. The things brothers wear to the mosque:

14. When you get completely indecipherable questions:

15. The worst kind of thievery:

16. When your mom adds you on Snapchat:

17. Using your Islamic education for good:

18. Drake's slow transformation into a total wallah-bro:

19. And when your parents had only one cure for any questionable behavior:

When you catch your 2 year old in the alcohol aisle

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