17 Absurdly Adorable Products To Celebrate Pokémon Day

    It's gonna be hard to Pikachoose just one.

    February 27th marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon's release in Japan. Celebrate your new favorite holiday with a bunch of these 🔥 gifts.

    1. This Pikachu mattress that you'll never want to evolve.

    2. These beautiful, sterling silver Pokéball earrings.

    3. These cookie cutters that will help you imagine what Pokémon will taste like.

    4. These handmade Soap-éballs that wear down to reveal a figurine underneath.

    5. If you're more a bath-type, there's these Pokéball-inspired bath bombs.

    6. This umbrella which will keep you clean AND cute if someone uses Rain Dance.

    7. These CHARMing AF Plulse and Minun socks.

    8. This mean ol' Gengar plush to scare off the monsters under your bed.

    9. This winking Pikachu mug that will put a jolt into your morning.

    10. These cute little Bulbasaur planters that you'll definitely want to stock up on.

    11. Or you could go a little bigger with this 3D-printed Oddish planter.

    12. This razor sharp combination Bulbasaur hoodie-backpack.

    13. These amazing Pokémon Substitute plushes for when you wanna just hide from it all.


    Get the GIANT version here.

    14. This cute printed Pokémon scarf.

    15. This Pikachu decal for your Macbook.

    16. This pixellated Pokéball keychain you can attach to your phone or 3DS.

    17. This retro sprite decal of Ash and Pikachu from Pokémon Yellow.

    Now go on and be the very best, like no one ever was.