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    Here Is What 10 Young Muslims Are Feeling Right Now

    "How can we expect to live in a country that hates us for the way we look?"

    During the 2016 campaign season, Donald Trump notably called for a total shutdown of the immigration of Muslims to the US, said he would "not rule out" the idea of a special ID to identify Muslims, and falsely accused New Jersey Arabs of "cheering" during 9/11. This week, following Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election on Nov. 9, we asked American Muslims to write about their experiences and feelings right now.

    Within hours, we received an overwhelming number of responses, describing the fear and anxiety that has followed Trump’s election. In particular, we heard from many young Muslims — some as young as 17 — who wanted to share their thoughts and concerns. With each writer’s permission, we have excerpted some of these stories to try and capture what it feels like to be young and Muslim in America right now.

    1. Dinanda, 21

    2. Medha, 21

    3. Anonymous, 17

    4. Amal, 20

    5. Narmeen, 19

    "This is my America, too, but I [have] never felt welcomed in it. I convinced myself that if I never stated my discomfort, it wouldn’t be real. In my naive desire to fit in, I spent years holding my tongue.

    "I have spent years being silent, but I will be silent no more.

    "I will be loud for the Latinos, Muslims, black people, war veterans, disabled, and more he demonized and attacked.

    "I have spent my whole life staying silent out of fear of becoming an outsider, but this election has shown that I have been one all along.

    "They want us to stay silent, but this is no time to concede. This election shows that the fight is far from over. Our nation needs us more than ever. We must stand up. We must persevere. We must speak out."

    Narmeen Rehman. Read the full piece on Medium.

    6. Shukri, 20

    7. Kayhan, 22

    8. Shahrin, 19

    9. Rana, 33

    10. Omer, 20

    "On my way to school I see that the NYU Engineering School MSA's prayer room has been vandalized. Someone decided to write 'Trump!' on the front door. Our fears were validated."

    Submissions have been excerpted and lightly edited for clarity.

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