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46(ish) Geektastic Mugs To Have And To Hold

Because, sometimes work is a drag...

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There were so many good ones to pick from! Seriously, way to many options... So, I settled on these.

R2D2, Boba Fett, LennyMud makes the set of Han Solo and Princess Leia

Or you can always learn Vader's moves.

ALSOOO who wouldnt want BB-8 next to you on those gloomy mornings.

3. Trekkies


The prop replicas hold a special place in many Trekkies hearts. Some replicas are insanely hard to lockdown. So, another option is this retro mug of Spock's face. This mug does embody the futuristic, retro feel, iconic colors and overall just a nice take on all the other merch mugs. (other characters sold seperately)

16. Mr. Potter


Of course this fandom has buckets of amazing mugs to select from. Even whole tea sets! ( 1, 2, and 3 ) OR the adorable I'm a Keeper mug or the mug that is in fact another Horcrux or not. Whatever you Accio to your cup sometimes you want a saucer reminding you that "after all this time" Snape will kindly respond "Always." RIP

27. The MOST DARING mug.


Lets face it the show revolves around pushing guns, shooting iconic characters (stabbing too) and it's just all round violent. Despite the violence the Hamlet undertones, the politics, and heaps of other daring situations makes this mug fitting to representing the show. It makes sense for this mug to be a bit unsettling because, this fan base is a serious bunch. *RIP Teller Tuesdays*

36. For the little monster within aka YOUR BELLY.


As a kid the Cookie Monster always made you giggle because, he was silly. As an adult you are like I SO SO GET IT NOW! Also do you remember this episode of Sesame Street ?

HA! because, YOU should.

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