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    7 Reasons Why Kitty And Red From "That '70s Show" Have One Of The Healthiest Relationships In Sitcom History

    Everyone's second mom and dad.

    1. They are relatable

    Red and Kitty sit on the couch, staring at each other and smiling.

    2. They are super into each other (physically)

    Red and Kitty share a bag of Fritos corn chips after "fooling around" in the basement, Eric's hangout spot.

    3. They support each other

    Kitty and Red look at each other, talking about financial hardships. Kitty is wearing a pink shirt, and Red is in a button up with a disheveled tie.

    4. They took "in sickness and in health" quite literally

    5. They are best friends

    Red watching Kitty talk with her hands as she explains a story

    6. They way they handle conflict

    Red and Kitty standing in their kitchen, looking confused and frustrated

    7. And their relationship is egalitarian/very equal

    Kitty reading a pamphlet and having a conversation with Red at the kitchen table

    A nod to the actors:

    phot of the actors together