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    15 NYC Restaurants To Try If You're Obsessed With Instagram

    Go toward the light.

    1. Sel Rrose

    Sel Rrose / Via

    The New York Times described Sel Rrose as having a "vaguely postwar Paris look," which probably means the walls are gritty enough to look awesome in your photo.

    Pro tip: The only shot you really need is the corner of the bar near the window. If people are sitting there, kindly ask them to move, letting them know that they will otherwise ruin a perfect shot. (Just kidding.) (But if you do, tag them to be nice.)

    2. NAVY / Via

    It's like the cabin of a small sailing vessel. With quinoa and poached eggs.

    Pro tip: Snag the marble table in the corner, order a glass of wine, and spend some time messing with your napkin (ten minutes should be enough) to make it look like you casually threw it down on the table.

    3. Ost Cafe

    Ost Cafe / Via

    This is a lively cafe in the East Village where the floors are just as good as the coffee.

    Pro tip: It’s all about the floor. Be sure you’re wearing your favorite shoes and tag @ihavethisthingwithfloors for good measure. The #dailycortados are on the small size, so order a cappuccino for proper latte art and bonus likes.

    4. by CHLOE.

    by Chloe. / Via

    The first restaurant by the vegan chef known for her win on Cupcake Wars is a bastion of cuteness, complete with egg-shaped swings that are probably not intended for dining, but definitely made for photo-taking.

    Pro tip: Did I mention the egg-shaped swings? Alternately, the colorful tile-topped tables in front complement the jewel-toned color palette.

    5. Maison Premiere

    Maison Premiere / Via

    Inspired by vintage hotel lobbies and French cafes, this Brooklyn cocktail mecca also happens to house New York City's largest absinthe collection.

    Pro tip: You really can’t take a bad photo in this place. Go early to avoid the crowds, stay late to try the absinthe frappe. And tip your bartender, because you probably stayed longer than you should have.

    6. Lafayette

    Condé Nast Traveler / Via

    A little vacation to Paris right in the middle of NoHo.

    Pro tip: This depends on what you’re here for. If you came for a croissant and a latte, the bakery is prepared for you with a photo-ready marble counter up front. If you're after a sit-down meal, it’s all about the interior: pendant lighting, huge windows, and...cute servers.

    7. The Dutch

    Evan Sung / Via

    Steakhouse? Oyster counter? Craft cocktail bar? Hipster theme park? All of the above.

    Pro tip: The indoor signage is begging for a photo sesh (go early, before it’s too crowded). And after you snag that, stay for the French fries. They are the best in town, the true reason for a visit, and perfect for snapchat.

    8. Extra Fancy

    Extra Fancy / Via

    You call it an "upscale clam shack," I call it my Brooklyn living room.

    Pro tip: The sweet spot is the counter against the window at the front of the bar. Perfect for Instagramming your cocktail, and for watching the hipsters stroll down Metropolitan Ave.

    9. Shake Shack

    Shake Shack / Via

    Better than In-N-Out? Discuss amongst yourselves.

    Pro tip: 'Gramming your Shack meal is a subtle art. You could go the whole “flat lay from above” route, or instead give the burger a gentle squeeze and let the world know what it’s truly made of. Also, if you ever fly out of JFK, take a morning flight and arrive early to enjoy the elusive Breakfast Shack, pictured below, with sriracha. You’ll thank me.

    10. Colicchio & Sons

    Colicchio & Sons / Via

    A classic farm-to-table establishment by Top Chef's top chef, Tom Colicchio.

    Pro tip: Kill two birds with one stone: Convince your parents to treat you to fancy lunch while you get a shot of the modern interior.

    11. Dough Doughnuts

    25% of your daily calorie intake, but 100% of your daily joy.

    Pro tip: Obviously, the doughnuts themselves are the star. But with long lines and little space, the proper 'gram can be difficult to pull off. Take your goods to go and find a nearby well-lit table to display them properly, like I did below — at Chipotle.

    12. Sweetgreen

    Sweetgreen / Via Facebook: sweetgreen

    These salads are so photogenic that I have been known to make a weekly pilgrimage to document my lunch.

    Pro tip: Because the staff does such a great job mixing the salads, I always ask for extra toppings on the side for some last-minute food styling near the window in front. Just pretend you love radishes.

    13. Happy Bones

    Happy Bones / Via

    With perfect natural lighting and low tables (which maximize your vantage point from above), this place defined the coffee-on-white-marble look.

    Pro tip: Shoot from above on the table closest to the window. Also, bring your own accessories for styling. You may get stares from other patrons, but rest assured, they have already posted their shot and are just worried it wasn't as good as yours.

    14. Grand Banks

    Grand Banks / Via Facebook: GrandBanksNYC

    Where else can you eat a boatload of oysters on an actual boat? They're closed for the winter, but will be back in April 2016.

    Pro tip: Bring a friend, because you’ll want to order enough oysters to fill the the platter. Style with an oyster fork and a cocktail.

    15. Gasoline Alley Coffee

    Gasoline Alley / Via Facebook: 188161167913607

    The birthplace of the #dailycortado.

    Pro tip: The high wooden counter near the back window — where the #dailycortado was born— that’s the money shot. The exterior is usually a good choice, too. Or you can just put your phone away and enjoy your coffee like a human.