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    6 Last Minute Halloween Looks With Just Makeup

    When it's a little too late to buy that dream costume online (maybe next year?), but you still want something cute, quick, and easy.

    1. Cracked Porcelain Doll

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    Shaaanxo / Via

    You can easily get this look down in the last minute. Put on your beautiful doll face and some holes and cracks, and you're ready to go. Pair the look with a set of neat curls or throw a bow in your hair, a cute dress, and you're out the door. If you wanted an even easier look, ditch the cracks and just go as a Barbie doll.

    2. Lace Masquerade Mask

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    MakeupByAlli / Via

    Here's where you can be a bit more creative (if you want to be). Eyeliner is really your best friend on Halloween, because it can achieve so many different looks. You can be a glam masquerade princess with this lace mask to make your eyes pop. If you want to spice it up even more, do this with a metallic or colored eyeliner. Don't even think about it or plan it out. Just wing it, and you'll be surprised what you can come up with. If they are at your disposal, stick on some rhinestones with lash glue. If you don't, it still looks gorgeous and like a lot of effort.

    3. Pop Art Character

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    Jordan Hanz / Via

    Jordan Hanz is the queen of Halloween makeup tutorials, from beautiful glam looks to extreme gore and guts. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out her channel. If you're looking for something simple though, pop art is the way to go. This look has been trending for quite a while now, and the effect is eye catching with not really that much effort. Again, eyeliner can do great things. This is no exception.

    4. The Deer Filter

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    TheMakeupChair / Via

    Show off your love for Snapchat filters and go as a deer. It's essentially you cutting everyone with your sharp contour game with a few spots here and there. The look is simple yet stunning at the same time. It looks like a lot of work to everyone else, but if you know how to contour, you already have this look down pat.

    5. Gangster Clown

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    Chrisspy / Via

    No one likes killer clowns, but gangster clowns? Hell yes. One of Chrisspy's most successful videos from Halloween (and if you want to see some mindblowing transformations, check out her channel), this is so simple and easy to achieve. Pair the look with a plaid shirt and khakis or baggy sweatpants, and you are going to look like a boss in 30 minutes tops.

    6. Black Cat

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    Danielle Mansutti / Via

    And if all else fails, just be a cat. At least you'll be sexy and killing that cat eye.