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9 Times A Selfie Almost Ruined Your Vacation

Selfies are a great way to remember a moment in time, but sometimes they distract us from living in the moment. Here are 9 solid reasons to forget the selfie and experience more with agoda, where you can book more than 1.8 million properties worldwide.

1. That time you wanted to bring your friends together.

But ended up alone.

2. When you were trying to look cool.

But just looked cold.

3. When you were trying to look class.

But ended up on your ass.

4. When you were waiting for a train.

That ended in pain.

5. When you forgot you needed both hands to ride a bicycle.

And both eyes.

6. When you discovered animals with sharp teeth enjoy their distance...

And their sleep.

7. ....and that turning your back on them isn't such a great idea.

In any situation.

8. When you learned that dancing is better done with friends.

Rather than your selfie stick.

9. And all those moments that made you realise that some selfies just aren't worth the trouble.

No matter how pretty the bird.

Did we miss any? When has a selfie almost ruined your vacation?

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Watch the full Selfie Fail Montage narrated by Ozzy Man Reviews here:

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