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    Wilko Are Having A Massive Sale Right Now On Back-To-Uni Essentials – Here's 33 Of The Best Deals

    With deals on everything from pots and pans to bedding and stationery!

    FYI, Wilko are having an impressive sale right now with up to 50% off student essentials. We went through the sale to find our fave products!

    1. You'll probably need a duvet for your new place, so it's a good thing this 10.5-tog one is half price.

    2. And this pair of medium-support pillows is a steal at 50% off!

    3. This Russell Hobbs kettle 1) looks great, 2) boils quickly, and 3) is 25% off. Ugh, the dream.

    4. Save 50% on this set of four-colour Bic pens.

    5. Nab all your cutlery at once with this 16-piece set that's over 28% off.

    6. You can't go too far wrong with a Tefal frying pan (especially when it's half price).

    7. Bring some colour to your notes with these half-price Sharpie markers.

    8. This gorgeous pintuck duvet set comes with an equally stunning 25% discount.

    9. And this geometric-pattern duvet set is completely reversible. You can grab it now for a quarter off its usual price!

    10. This 25%-off storage box is so pretty, it'll double up as decor.

    11. Save 14% on this set of three copper-look pots and pans.

    12. These pastel highlighters work just as well as the regular kinds, but look way prettier. They're currently a quarter off!

    13. Keep your deposit safe with the help of this anti-allergy mattress protector. It's 25% off!

    14. This transparent storage box has a 30-litre capacity and a 25% discount. What's not to love?!

    15. If the 'messy student' stereotype isn't your vibe, these 25%-off interlocking drawer organisers have got your back.

    16. This purple bath towel has gotten some rave reviews from people who love how soft and durable it is. It's now 25% off!

    17. You won't need to use this Casio scientific calculator to work out that its 20% discount is pretty impressive.

    18. Sorry, but how gorgeous is this 16%-off elephant-themed shower curtain? It'll make your new bathroom look more put-together in minutes!

    19. The only thing better than this reversible sausage dog duvet set is the fact that it's 25% off at the moment.

    20. You'll be able to keep your shower stuff separate from everyone else's with this three-tier hanging caddy. It's currently 40% off!

    21. If (like me) you're pretty forgetful, you'll be glad you bought this half-price multipack of blue Bic pens!

    22. If your new home has limited space, these under-the-shelf storage baskets are about to become your BFFs. They're down by an impressive 40% at the moment!

    23. This storage bin will help you to mark out your spot in the fridge or freezer. It's reduced by a cool (sorry) 25%!

    24. This white fitted sheet has a thread count of 144 AND a 25% discount.

    25. This 33%-off pop-up storage bin makes for a perfect laundry hamper. It folds flat when it's not in use, so it won't add too much bulk to your luggage when you're moving!

    26. This stainless steel bathroom bin has a three-litre capacity. It's down by 40%!

    27. These half-price rollerball pens have a stunning rose gold finish.

    28. Store your sugar, coffee, and tea in these stunning copper-look canisters. If their gorgeous appearance hasn't sold you yet, their 25% discount just might!

    29. Save 25% on this Helix Oxford math set.

    30. Make sure nobody can mistake your fave cup for their own by buying this llama-shaped mug. It's down by 25%!

    31. This 'shake and squeeze' Tipp-Ex pen is better than half price.

    32. This sleek grey box file is down by 16%. It's a great way to keep your loose notes and sheets together!

    33. Make your new home feel instantly cosier with this blush pink throw. I love its crushed velvet effect and its 25% discount!

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