People Are Sharing The Wildest Things They Believed As Kids, And I'm Convinced We All Had The Same Childhood

    "I thought that bands lined up at radio stations waiting for their turn to play their song, and then returned to the back of the line."

    Recently, Reddit user u/Laurenrae134 asked the good people of r/RandomThoughts, "what is something you were convinced as a kid that was fact, to later learn it was just your kid logic and you weren't even close?". Here are some of our favourite responses...

    1. "After watching black and white television, I truly believed that the world was black and white until the 1970s."

    "I realised I was wrong when I spoke to my dad about growing up in the 1950s. He was telling me how he really enjoyed it and how surprised he'd been by all of the major changes that happened since his childhood.

    I eagerly replied, 'what was it like when you woke up and all of a sudden everything was in color?'"


    2. "I used to believe that in order to get pregnant and have a baby, you had to eat A LOT so that your stomach would get bigger. The food would transform into a small human being."


    3. "When I heard that sex involved a penis going into the vagina, I thought the man had to have surgery for it to be cut off, then it would be surgically implanted into the woman."

    "I had no idea how anyone could have more than one kid."


    4. "I genuinely thought you could hear the actual ocean anywhere you wanted by listening to a sea shell."


    Editopr's note: And if, like me, you only realised just now that that's not true, allow this commenter to help us out.

    "It's just the noise of air passing through the empty space of the shell. You can hear a similar sound by covering your ear with your palms."


    5. "When I saw a character die in a movie, I thought the actor sacrificed themselves and died in real life for the sake of the film."


    "I used to think this too, and seeing them again elsewhere confused the shit out of me."


    6. "I thought that bands lined up at radio stations waiting for their turn to play their song, and then returned to the back of the line."


    "Me too! I always felt so bad when my dad paused the music or started the song from the beginning because I thought it would be annoying to make someone stop in the middle of a song or start over." 


    7. "My daughter thought there was someone sitting on the other end of Alexa like a phone call, Googling the answers and then telling Alexa what to say."


    "My mum, who is 77, thinks this. She thinks that's why there is a delay in answering."


    8. "I thought if you stepped on the yellow caution lines on roads, curbs etc., you'd automatically and without fail get hit by a car. I avoided them until nearly my teens, when I realized that didn't make sense."


    9. "I thought lions were all boys and tigers were all girls, just like I thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. Horses were boys to me and cows were girls, and so on..."


    Editor's note: To be fair, they were right about the cow thing.

    10. "I thought the chalk outlines from crime scenes were residue left by souls leaving the victims' bodies."


    "I thought the authorities left them there forever. I always wondered when I was going to encounter a random one in my city, meaning someone died there at some point."


    11. "When my parents told me it was expensive to go on a trip somewhere and we had to save up, I thought it was because there was a giant toll they had to pay to get into a different state."

    "It never occurred to me that food, lodging, and transportation costs were a thing."


    12. "I thought magical creatures and wizards and stuff were real in olden times."


    13. "As a small child, I was convinced that people who were assholes acted that way because of certain bacteria that were unique to them."

    "I thought that if I interacted with them, I would catch their bacteria and become an asshole myself."


    "I would stick with this logic..."


    14. "I thought that getting drunk was permanent. I was horrified when I heard that high school kids were getting drunk."

    "I was probably close to 12 when I learned about sobering up."


    15. "Like most kids, I was told that putting a band-aid on a cut made it better. Which made sense, because when you took it off, the cut had started healing. So I figured that sticky tape must do the same thing for paper, right?"

    "I used to pull tape off of things to check if it was 'fixed' yet."


    "I work with kindergarteners and they're always asking for band-aids for things like bruises or when their head hurts. It's so funny."


    16. "When I was in elementary school, we all thought we'd die from getting stuck in quicksand or by disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle."

    "Now, literally nobody talks about the Bermuda Triangle or seems to care about quicksand. My younger nephews didn't even know what quicksand was, and they're almost 12."


    "I really thought quicksand was gonna be a bigger problem."


    17. "When I was little, I thought gunpoint was a street. So when ever I saw the news that someone got robbed at gunpoint, I would think to myself, 'why would people go there if they're just going to get robbed?'".


    18. "I thought that when you got to the age where you had to have a job, you got a letter in the mail that told you what your job was."

    "I was terrified my job would be to sit in the underground room where the streetlight switches were. I didn't want to watch traffic through the periscope and flip the switch at the wrong time causing an accident."


    19. "I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school. Until I was about 10 years old, I thought there were only two religions – Catholic and public."


    20. "When lightning occurred, I assumed the earth was getting closer to outer space. For some reason, I thought space was filled with electricity."


    21. "When I was really young, I used to think people had different accents because the air in their country made their voice that way."


    22. "My sister used to joke that the best way to fix hiccups was to stick your leg in the freezer. I think I realized that she was joking when I was ten."


    23. "I thought I had a bizarre super power because I could blur my vision on purpose."


    24. "I thought that every time I played with a toy, the person who bought it for me would get money. I used to try and play with all my toys equally so everyone would get the same amount of money."


    Shout out to u/Laurenrae134 and r/RandomThoughts for having this discussion!

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