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    20 Reasons Why "Floor Is Lava" Is One Of The Best New Shows On Netflix

    It's the hottest (sorry) show around, and you can quote us on that.

    In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a show on Netflix right now called Floor Is Lava.

    Teams have to work their way around an obstacle course without falling into the 'lava' underneath, and the fastest crew to get to the 'safe zone' with the fewest lava casualties wins $10,000.

    It sounds simple, but folks, the show offers so much more than we ever thought possible.

    1. First of all, if you fall into the 'lava', you lose. People who slip in could just act like they're losing a competition, but on this show many choose to fake their actual death instead.

    2. So it's no wonder their team mate's responses are equally intense when their crew members succumb to their doom.

    3. You might be asking how players complete these cursed courses. Well, there are steps at the end to help players reach the safe zone, but THOSE STEPS SINK as the round goes on. Ugh, the drama.

    4. Every episode begins with a team of full-grown adults screaming "the floor is LAVA!"

    5. Or at least, most of them do.

    6. There's a part at the beginning of each team's round where the players introduce themselves, and sometimes those introductions are a little... unusual.

    7. The guy who narrates every episode has got some incredible one-liners...

    8. ...And because each episode is meant to be set in different 'rooms' (despite all clearly being shot in the exact same space), the show has had to get pretty ~inventive~ with its props.

    9. The facial reactions of the contestants when they first see the magma-filled course are just *chef's kiss*.

    10. That's when their faces aren't colliding with an obstacle on their path to freedom (and $10,000), that is.

    11. Some players can't stop freaking out about the obstacles...

    12. ...And some players are a bit too confident about their team's chances.

    13. The team's plans for the prize money can be... questionable.

    14. Sometimes (and this is important), LAVA BUBBLES are activated to make the course even trickier.

    15. The team dynamics rage from inspirational...

    16., uh, interesting.

    17. There are some near misses that will actually have you holding your breath.

    18. And a whole lot of actual misses that are equally thrilling.

    19. But if you're here for the sport of it all, don't worry – there are genuine feats of athleticism too!

    20. And last but definitely not least, there's the fact that money isn't the only prize the winning teams get to enjoy. There's a trophy, too, and yes, OF COURSE IT'S A LAVA LAMP.

    Did we miss an iconic moment from the show, or do you just think there are other new shows on Netflix that are way better? Sound off in the comments below!