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    16 Vibrators That Might Just Make You Think "Maybe Money CAN Buy Happiness"

    Or, you know, at least a very decent evening.

    1. Treat yourself to this "Feeling Myself" box, which includes everything from a vibrator to lube and a luxury wash cloth.

    2. The Surfer vibrator is small but definitely mighty, with raised areas on its tip for added stimulation and a four hour-long battery life.

    3. This Bean vibrator lets you find the angle and surface that suits you best. Choose from pink and mint green!

    4. The Fireman vibrator is pretty much the perfect external toy, and its unique (and carefully-considered) design proves it.

    5. The Tennis Coach vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot, and thanks to its ergonomic design and wide range of pulsation modes, it's pretty good at doing its job.

    6. This incredible dual vibrator stimulates both externally and internally, so you'll get double the fun.

    7. The Dame Kip vibrator has an angled tip for added precision, and it's designed to fit the contours of your body *exactly*. Customers love the all-encompassing experience of using it!

    8. This Dame Fin vibrator offers the perfect mix of human touch and mechanical vibration. Small and versatile, it's got a powerful kick too!

    9. Discover your sweet spot with this MIllionaire's vibrator that's made with versatility in mind. It's perfect for internal and external use (or a little bit of both).

    10. Don't let the small, discreet design of this bullet vibrator fool you – it's incredibly powerful for its size, and perfect for both solo and partnered play.

    11. This internal vibrator has a flexible head and an undulating surface (not to mention a super powerful motor).

    12. The range of surfaces this palm-sized toy has means you can use it in a huge variety of different positions and places. The ten vibration speeds its whisper-quiet motor offers means you can use it at a variety of different settings, too!

    13. The Frenchman vibrator has a flexible head that's designed to more or less simulate oral sex. It'll keep going for up to four hours at time!

    14. This slim vibrator prioritises sensation over size, so it's perfect if you're seeking some va-va-voom without the volume.

    15. This Ballerina vibrator is made with a groundbreaking new texture that reviewers say feels like skin-to-skin touch. Its motor is super silent, too!

    16. The Lelo Lily 2 vibrator is covered in a silky-soft material, packed with powerful features, and built to fit your body. Oh, and did I mention it's got mood-boosting scents built into the body that it releases during use? Because, you know, it does.

    17. And last but not least, all of these toys work best with the addition of some water-based lubricant. This vegan one contains gentle hints of vanilla and lemon!