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    24 Things You Probably Didn't Know Existed Yesterday But Might Not Be Able To Live Without Today

    Including a self-draining utensil holder and a laptop cooling mat that's basically a giant fan.

    1. This USB-rechargeable laptop cooling pad basically works as a giant fan under your device.

    2. Keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer with these ethylene-absorbing balls.

    3. Keep your specs sparkling with these double-sided cleaners.

    4. Freshen up the grouting between your tiles with this low-effort anti-fungal pen.

    5. Okay, I know this sounds strange, but this earwax-removing syringe has actually gotten some incredibly high reviews.

    6. Lower your laundry detergent costs and help the environment by using this incredible reusable washing pod. Its contents foam when you put it through a washing cycle, leaving you with fresh, great-smelling clothes!

    7. Make sure you keep your countertops spill-free when you're cooking by using this silicone utensil rest.

    8. Protect your camera when it's not in use without disrupting the look or feel of your phone with these handy sliding webcam covers.

    9. Keep your hands away from (often smelly) water when you're draining cans by using this lil' colander.

    10. From helping to dry your clothes faster to softening their material, it seems like there's nothing these eco-friendly tumble dryer balls can't do.

    11. Sorry, but how clever is this collapsible colander?!

    12. You'll finally have a place to store your makeup sponge while it's drying with this handy AF holder.

    13. This utensil holder is 1) shaped like an elephant and 2) really cleverly designed.

    14. Get rid of everything from peach fuzz to stray eyebrow hairs with these (slightly gross, but deeply satisfying) razors.

    15. You'll never forget why you marked out that page again thanks to the large, ruled index tabs included in this pack.

    16. Make sure the shower curtain doesn't stick to you by using these self-adhesive shower clips.

    17. Get the most out of your makeup bottles, peanut butter jars, and more with this teeny-tiny spatula.

    18. One of these bird-shaped watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for up to two weeks.

    19. Get your mouth thoroughly clean with this copper tongue scraper.

    20. This 4head stick will help to relieve the symptoms of a headache in under two minutes.

    21. These LED-dimming stickers will ensure you aren't kept awake by that annoying light from your charger.

    22. This microwave rice cooker will give you great results in no time.

    23. This leather-restoring balm will bring the lustre back to everything from your sofa to your fave jacket.

    24. Just one drop of this nail-drying formula on each nail will help to speed up your home manicure.

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