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    44 Products Under £4 That Are So Useful, I Feel Stupid For Not Buying Them Sooner

    Including a cult-status carpet cleaner and some seriously smart tinfoil!

    1. I own these Venus razors myself, so I can back up their rave reviews.

    2. Make your high heels feel about 900% more comfortable by nabbing these Scholl gel insoles.

    3. Protect your floors from scratches and scrapes by placing these felt pads under your chair legs.

    4. Anyone with sore muscles will understand why I *had* to include this Kool-Pak. You can freeze it or microwave it to soothe your aches!

    5. If your best-looking bra is a few centimetres away from perfection, these specially-designed extenders have got your back (literally).

    6. You'll probably get plenty of use out of these disposable shoe covers in the rainy months ahead!

    7. Stay stocked up on kitchen sponges with this pack of 20 from Duzzit.

    8. These self-adhesive heel pads will keep the back of your feet cushioned, so you won't have to face *that* back-of-heel sore.

    9. This ridiculously well-reviewed lever arch file comes in an oh-so-trendy lilac colour.

    10. If you're anything like me, you'll end up using this pair of IKEA bags for everything from laundry to shopping.

    11. If you never carry change with you (which, same), these trolley tokens are about to become your new BFF.

    12. This genius two-in-one tinfoil and parchment paper is truly a home cook's dream!

    13. These noise-cancelling earplugs are perfect for sleeping *or* swimming!

    14. Banish pet hair, dust, and other annoying lil' specks on your clothes and soft furnishings with this lint roller.

    15. Once you've cleaned your pots or oven racks with these soap-infused Spontex scourers, I'm willing to bet you'll never go back.

    16. Re-seal your opened packets with these (kind of adorable?) food clips.

    17. If you don't already own a whisk, consider the ridiculously low price of this stainless steel one to be a sign.

    18. You'll be able to get every last drop of batter out of your mixing bowl with the help of these plastic scrapers!

    19. Duck's 'Fresh Brush' set includes a hygienic handle and four flushable wipes.

    20. NGL, I bought myself one of these grease trap filters approximately 0.007 seconds after cleaning the fan above my hob.

    21. These bamboo wash gloves will exfoliate your skin as you shower.

    22. Keep your washing machine clean from the inside out with this treatment from Duzzit.

    23. These recycling bags are incredibly strong AND bloody massive. What's not to like?

    24. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    25. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    26. Ensure your clothes' colours don't run into each other by using these Colour Catcher sheets.

    27. If you've been struck by that cold that's been going around, this Otrivine spray promises to relieve the pressure on your sinuses.

    28. Keep your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro safe with the help of these tempered glass screen protectors.

    29. Upgrade your sink by nabbing this 100% recycled washing-up bowl.

    30. If your plants are looking a little wilted, this nutrient-rich fertiliser might just perk them up.

    31. Caffeine addicts will end up using these paper coffee filters all the time.

    32. Clean and polish your stainless steel surfaces with this specially-designed reusable cloth.

    33. *Finally* hang up that picture you've had lying around for ages with these Command strips.

    34. If you love crochet or knitting, you'll understand why I *had* to include this electronic stitch counter.

    35. I'm starting to regret all of the years I lived without this genius onion-chopping tool.

    36. You'll be able to keep your shower clean and streak-free with this low-effort squeegee.

    37. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    38. This bathroom cloth has one tough side to help you tackle limescale and another, softer side for lighter cleaning and polishing. Reviewers reckon it's gotten rid of their mineral buildup in no time!

    39. Home bakers will end up using this absolute steal of a measuring jug all the time!

    40. You'll be able to charge up everything from your electric toothbrush to your razor with this two-pin plug adapter.

    41. If your WFH setup doesn't have a two-hole punch yet, consider the low price point of this highly-rated one to be a sign.

    42. You'll always have a tissue to hand when you need one thanks to this super-soft bamboo-based multipack.

    43. This plastic funnel is perfect for home cooks!

    44. Dr. Beckmann's 'Glowhite' stain remover sachets will keep your white clothes looking as good as new.

    Me looking at these prices: