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    32 Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything

    Give them something they don't already have with these gorgeous gifts!

    1. Okay, they might seem to have it all, but do they have a literal star named after them? This fun kit allows you to give that to them!

    2. This RFID-blocking wallet will not only hold their cards, it'll protect them from theft too.

    3. A personalised crochet hook is the perfect gift for the crafter in your life.

    4. You can adapt this box of favours to fit your friendships, and it costs less than a tenner too!

    5. Make them a unique gift nobody else will be able to give them with this cross-stitch kit.

    6. For that friend who loves to take photos but has none on their walls, this Instax camera will print out pics right after they take them.

    7. This personalised candle comes in a variety of different scents, and you can get whatever you want printed on the label!

    8. If they're always losing their glasses, this lil' guy will give them a place to store them (and it's also kind of decor?)

    9. These earrings are incredibly cute, and they're ideal for the tea-loving folks in your life.

    10. This 2020 diary contains recipes that your foodie friend can try out throughout the year.

    11. Socks are infamous for being a slightly basic gift, but that definitely doesn't apply to this incredible sushi sock set.

    12. Your most stressed-out friend will probably appreciate this adult colouring book, which they can use to vent.

    13. This Harry Potter selection box is perfect for adults and teens alike (don't worry, the butterbeer contains no alcohol!)

    14. These gorgeous elephant-shaped candles are just *chef's kiss*.

    15. These Himalayan salt rock fairy lights are really pretty!

    16. You can tell me you haven't ever wanted some literal slices of chocolate, but I won't believe you (and I'm pretty sure your giftee will feel the same way).

    17. This adorable hand warmer is just incredible.

    18. If they love caffeine more than anyone else you know, they've probably had their eye on some Death Wish coffee grounds for a while.

    19. Let's face it, someone is always going to cheat at Monopoly. Don't worry, though – this cheater's version of the game gets it, and it'll actually reward the best sneak.

    20. If they can never decide what to order, this dice will save them so much time.

    21. Bookworms will adore this last word bookmark, which will show them not only what page they finished on, but ALSO the last word they read.

    22. This single-serve cup and teapot set 1) looks great, 2) will actually get used, and 3) comes in a really gorgeous (SATIN LINED!) box.

    23. Check out this lil' keyring that you can personalise to represent any sound waves you like.

    24. This (frickin' giant) stuffed hamster contains a fluffy blanket, and I'm unable to breathe at the moment.

    25. How sweet does this instructional sushi-making book look?

    26. Some satin pillowcases will bring a touch of ~luxe~ into their life, and it'll do wonders for their hair too.

    27. This touch-control moon lamp is out of this world!

    28. This scratch-off world map will record where they've travelled to!

    29. These coasters stack together to form a cactus.

    30. Give the gift of relaxation with this spa set, perfect for a chill night in.

    31. Stay close with your long-distance pal by filling in these 'letters to open when...' letters, which they can open whenever they need to.

    32. This perfume is solid, lower-waste than regular perfume, and it's vegan, too!

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