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    61 Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything

    With so many products to choose from, there's bound to be something they'll love!

    1. Give them a classic gift with a twist by nabbing these adorable sushi-shaped socks.

    2. Transform their tub with this underwater disco light.

    3. This hands-free Facebook Portal will change their video call game forever. The Alexa-enabled device pans and zooms automatically according to where they're standing, so they can get the household in the frame at once and don't need to touch the tablet as they move!

    4. Give them a delicious treat AND a ~gourmet experience~ thanks to these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes.

    5. These incredible sachets will change the colour of any flames they empty them onto (I know, right?!).

    6. NGL, I sent this adorable dumpling light to at least three of my pals this Christmas.

    7. Let kids know that Santa's come to visit by showing them his lost driver's license!

    8. You can get whatever face you like put onto this quirky cushion.

    9. I ordered this personalised chopping board for the home chefs in my life who had every other kitchen utensil out there.

    10. And this personalised tin of Vaseline lip balm will have their name written all over it (literally).

    11. They'll be able to fill these screw-top baubles with booze to help keep their spirits high (I'm so sorry).

    12. If they fall on the 'love' side of the Marmite debate, they'll adore this customised jar.

    13. This incredible mug comes with crossword clues that they can fill out on the mug's surface. If they make a mistake or want to clear the grid, they just have to wash it!

    14. I can only imagine how great these mulled wine bath bombs smell.

    15. And this cloud-shaped bath bomb leaves a rainbow-hued trail behind it as it fizzes!

    16. Put your own message onto this mini terrarium keyring that contains a real (and tiny) plant.

    17. Let's face it, someone is always going to cheat at Monopoly. This cheater's version of the game will actually reward the best sneak!

    18. You'll be as surprised to see what's in this highly-rated tech and gadgets mystery box as they are! Its contents are worth over £100 when sold separately, but you'll only pay £39.99.

    19. This touch-control moon lamp is out of this world!

    20. And so are these stunning asymmetrical astronaut earrings.

    21. Turn their smartphone into a mini home cinema thanks to this cardboard projector.

    22. I'm losing it over these whiskey-infused Scotch egg-shaped chocolate truffles.

    23. Sorry, but how adorable is this lil' pet rock?! Oh, and it costs less than £2 too!

    24. And if they're already sorted in the pet department, you can put their furry friend's face onto these one-of-a-kind socks.

    25. Not sure what nail polish to buy them? This five-piece set from Barry M contains a variety of popular shades.

    26. They can put their fave pic into the frame of this Friends-themed mug.

    27. Give your decor-loving pal these unique Himalayan salt fairy lights (just make sure they know to keep them out of the reach of pets).

    28. Nananananananananananananananana THIS MASK! It can be washed and reused, BTW.

    29. This diffuser necklace comes with seven absorbent inserts to keep the giftee looking and smelling fresh. The locket features a lava rock inside, which they just need to add essential oil to before closing it again.

    30. And while we're on the topic of incredible smells, they'll be able to use this perfume-filled bauble long after Christmas. Choose from four incredible scents!

    31. If they love books AND biscuits, the chances are that they'll adore this magnetic bookmark.

    32. These personalised plectrums are perfect for musicians.

    33. Don't mind me, just ordering this milk chocolate controller for every gamer I know!

    34. They'll probably treasure this cartoon version of their family forever.

    35. Give them an afternoon tea in a box with this adorable hamper! It contains a scone mix, some clotted cream, cute lil' jars of marmalade and jam, and so much more.

    36. Regular photo albums? Tired. This pull-out selection of five of your fave pics? Inspired.

    37. This mini cross-stitch kit couldn't be any cuter if it tried. It contains everything they'll need to get started!

    38. They'll be glad that their name is on this well-reviewed bottle opener so that nobody else will touch it.

    39. Tea lovers will adore this single-serve infuser pot (and you'll love its under-£5 price tag).

    40. Put a map of their house onto the front of this 400-piece puzzle!

    41. I ordered this cute AF flower press the second I saw it.

    42. If they're into crafting, they'll love this customised bamboo crochet hook.

    43. The most practical people in your life will seriously appreciate this multipurpose pen. It works as a spirit level, a ruler, a screwdriver, and more!

    44. These incense cones come with a specially-designed burner.

    45. These reusable whiskey stones will keep their drink cool without diluting it. They come in a gorgeous wooden box!

    46. Make home bakers merry with this stunning set of metallic measuring spoons.

    47. Give them a new flavour experience with this red velvet cupcake Baileys.

    48. These salt and pepper shakers are simply beeautiful.

    49. Movie and TV buffs will love this scratch-off poster that suggests 100 iconic titles!

    50. This jasmine and peony-scented candle couldn't be any prettier if it tried.

    51. You'll basically be swimming in brownie points after giving them this '100 reasons why I love you' message in a bottle. The pack contains a gorgeous jar, a stunning flower, a touching pre-written note, an empty sheet of paper, and a black ink pen (phew)!

    52. Check out these fun festive light-up earrings!

    53. Give your BFF this light-up bottle that has a heartfelt message printed onto its front.

    54. The stars on top of this fig-scented candle rotate when it's lit (aww).

    55. Don't mind me, just drooling over this stationery gift set from Bic.

    56. This ceramic planter is purrfect for stylish plant parents.

    57. These cactus-shaped candles look incredible!

    58. Your caffeine-loving pals will feel seen by this 'rocket fuel' mug.

    59. This highly-rated kit contains everything they'll need to grow three decorative bonsai trees at home!

    60. Help them to unwind after a long day with this lavender-scented eye mask that they can heat up or cool down according to their preferences.

    61. Just when you thought drinking a cuppa couldn't get any better, this build-on-brick mug comes along.

    Them after opening their gift: