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    62 Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything

    If their cupboards are already brimming with novelty mugs, we've got your back.

    1. You can personalise this bottle of Blanc de Blancs champagne with whatever message you like!

    2. Give the bookworm in your life the Egyptology book they definitely wanted at the Scholastic fair.

    3. If your mama already has more 'best mum' mugs than she knows what to do with, this touching coaster is pretty much perfect.

    4. This three-month baking subscription box will keep the home cook in your life happy.

    5. Don't mind me, just losing it over this musical biscuit tin that's brimming with chocolate-studded shortbreads.

    6. Give them a classic gift with a twist by nabbing these adorable sushi-shaped socks.

    7. These incredible sachets will change the colour of any flames they empty them onto (I know, right?!).

    8. Let kids know that Santa's come to visit by showing them his lost driver's license!

    9. This Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a mix tape! You can put whatever name or message you like onto its front.

    10. Not sure what nail polish to buy them? This five-piece set from Barry M contains a variety of popular shades.

    11. Give them an afternoon tea in a box with this adorable hamper! It contains a scone mix, some clotted cream, cute lil' jars of marmalade and jam, and so much more.

    12. Movie and TV buffs will love this scratch-off poster that suggests 100 iconic titles!

    13. Don't mind me, just drooling over this stationery gift set from Bic.

    14. I'm honestly not sure how I've gone this long without this neck and shoulder hot water bottle!

    15. This highly-rated kit contains everything they'll need to grow three decorative bonsai trees at home!

    16. Okay, they might seem to have it all, but do they have a literal star named after them? This fun kit allows you to give that to them!

    17. You can adapt this box of favours to fit your friendships, and it costs less than a tenner too!

    18. This genius candle smells like an old bookshop (ugh, the dream).

    19. This leaf trinket dish looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    20. Sorry, but how *amazing* is the light-up packaging on this orange and gingerbread-flavoured Snowglobe gin?

    21. And this 850g Dairy Milk bar isn't to be sniffed at, either.

    22. Indulge their sweet tooth with these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes!

    23. There's something so soothing about this mini paint-by-numbers Bob Ross set.

    24. I'm the most forgetful person I know, so I use this Tile 'Performance' set all the time. I can locate my missing keys or wallet with them via the app (and get this – I can get my phone to ring by double-tapping the Tile logo on these bad boys too!).

    25. This instant-print Polaroid Now+ camera is one of the best gifts I've ever gotten! I'd never used one before and was seriously impressed by how easy it was to pick up (the pictures make for some seriously touching keepsakes too).

    26. As a crocheter, I covet this personalised crochet hook.

    27. Pamper their face, hair, and eyes with this trio of masks from Garnier.

    28. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse is an ideal gift for a wide range of ages. It's packed full of stunning drawings and simple but touching messages!

    29. If they're feeling festive but hate Christmas pudding, this personalised Terry's chocolate orange is about to become their new favourite thing.

    30. These bass-boosting Bluetooth headphones look incredible, and they're a steal at less than £20 too!

    31. Keep them cosy with this combination hoodie and blanket! It's available in nine different colours.

    32. You'll look like you put loads of thought into this personalised slate cheeseboard.

    33. You can turn the soundwaves of their favourite audio into this gorgeous (and incredibly thoughtful) keyring.

    34. Show your introverted pals you get it by nabbing them this 'staying in' candle. Choose from a range of incredible scents, including wild fig & cassis and pink grapefruit & basil!

    35. I'm honestly not sure how I lived without this absolute steal of an 8kg weighted blanket.

    36. Okay, but how ridiculously cute is this mini Henry Hoover?

    37. Reviewers reckon this drinking game really does live up to its promise.

    38. Don't mind me, just drooling over this rocky road chocolate 'salami'.

    39. This takeaway-deciding dice will finally put an end to that endless "I don't know, what do YOU want to eat?" discussion.

    40. Put their name onto this gorgeous beer glass!

    41. Help them to record their greatest adventures with this Up-themed scrapbook (or fill it with pictures and memories of the two of you for some serious brownie points!).

    42. Batman fans will LOSE IT over this incredible rubber duck.

    43. This unbelievably cheap gadget that turns water into snow is marketed towards kids, but I honestly can't think of anyone who wouldn't love using it.

    44. Sure, they might have some hand creams already, but I'm willing to bet they don't have any that are as pretty as these Heathcoate & Ivory ones.

    45. If they wave a teaspoon-calloused hand to say 'already had that' every time you attempt to surprise them with a new brew, hit 'em with Mr. Ames' peppermint teabags. They're the best brand they've never tried.

    46. Nothing makes an avid home cook happier than something disgustingly bacterial, like this live San Fransisco sourdough starter that I affectionately refer to as my pet yeast.

    47. The philosophy stands for this kombucha SCOBY too – it's designed for large 5L jars, so you'll (hopefully) eventually reap the rewards of giving this gift yourself.

    48. If you know someone who always orders the hottest item on the menu and then spends the whole meal loudly commenting on how mild it is (hi, dad), then this Carolina Reaper chilli might keep them quiet for a bit. It claims to be the hottest chilli in the world; if the reviews are anything to go by, it certainly feels like it is.

    49. If you want to surprise them with a hamper of sweets they might not have tried before or just give them the gift of a shared snackathon, fear not: I've done the thankless, strenuous work of rummaging through my local supermarket's sweets aisle to find some binge-worthy faves.

    50. This Tea with Jane Austen cookbook is filled with recipes that are inspired by her letters and books.

    51. You can get the soundwaves of their favourite audio printed onto this gorgeous picture.

    52. This deck of movie-themed tarot cards is a perfect gift for any cinephile.

    53. Lord finding their new favourite beer over them forever after gifting 'em Bacchus' tart, sweet, almost wine-like Belgian fruit beer that contains 15% cherries.

    54. A personalised lighter for under £4? In this economy?! Well, that's my gifts sorted for everyone who's so much as mentioned a candle, fireplace, or incense stick then.

    55. You can put whatever image you like onto this keyring (aww).

    56. They'll be able to fill these screw-top baubles with booze to help keep their spirits high (I'm so sorry).

    57. If your parents fall on the 'love' side of the Marmite debate, they'll adore these customised jars.

    58. Let's face it, someone is always going to cheat at Monopoly. This cheater's version of the game will actually reward the best sneak!

    59. Give your decor-loving pal these unique Himalayan salt fairy lights (just make sure they know to keep them out of the reach of pets).

    60. If they love books AND biscuits, the chances are that they'll adore this magnetic bookmark.

    61. This mini cross-stitch kit couldn't be any cuter if it tried. It contains everything they'll need to get started!

    62. Just when you thought drinking a cuppa couldn't get any better, this build-on-brick mug comes along.