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    25 Scenes From TV Shows That I Just Think We Should Be Talking About More

    Kevin as a receptionist on The Office was way more iconic than his chilli scene, don't @ me.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which scenes from popular TV shows and movies were unfairly ignored. There were so many great TV show responses that we had to give them their very own list!

    1. When Jacqueline mistook Kimmy's furniture for stairs in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


    "It was hilarious to see how she behaved in a small, one-storey residence."


    2. When Santiago and Diaz debated whether or not a claimant should take a settlement from her assaulter to protect her career or prosecute him instead in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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    Fox / NBC / Via

    "The fact that this was directed by Stephanie Beatriz (Diaz) makes it that much better."


    3. When Troy forgot about his cousin's funeral in Community.

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    NBC / Via

    "It was just so perfectly-timed."


    4. When Chandler scared Joey with the chicken in Friends.

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    NBC / Via

    "I was going to try to describe it, then realised words can’t do it justice."


    5. When the girls tried to put out a fire in Derry Girls.

    Channel 4

    "If you watch closely, you can see Orla trying to blow out the fire in the background."


    6. When Santana sang "Songbirds" to Brittany in Glee.

    Santana stands with her hands held in front of her while singing directly to an out-of-frame Brittany
    Fox / Via

    "Everyone talks about 'Landslide', but 'Songbirds' was the REAL intimate moment between Santana and Brittany."


    7. When Moira surprised Alexis at her graduation in Schitt's Creek.


    "I got very teary at that bit!"


    8. Any scene, deleted or aired, with Creed from The Office.

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    NBC / Via


    9. When GaTa revealed he had bipolar in Dave.

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    FXX / Via

    "GaTa discussing his mental health is so raw, and the whole episode makes me tear up every time."


    10. When Gob tried to throw Michael's letter into the ocean and failed miserably in Arrested Development.


    "It’s a little bit of physical comedy that has me cackling every time."


    11. When Arabella cleared out her old belongings from under the bed in I May Destroy You.

    A hand holds a picture of an ultrasound

    "It was such a powerful way for her to start coming to terms with all the experiences she'd 'buried', and the ultrasound changed the whole series for me."


    12. When Lucifer protected Chloe with his wings in Lucifer.

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    Fox, Netflix / Via

    "All that mattered to him was that Chloe was safe. Such a great scene!"


    13. When Shary Bobbins came for Lisa in The Simpsons.

    Shary Bobbins, who is dressed like Mary Poppins, leans forward angrily

    "For weeks after my brother and I first saw that episode, we kept saying the quote 'Lisa, don’t sit in front of the telly like a fly stuck in a toffee' and then laughing hysterically."


    14. When Kevin was a receptionist in The Office.

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    NBC / Via

    "'OSCAR, IT'S YOUR MOM!' gets me every time."


    15. When Number Five ran from Hazel and Cha Cha in Umbrella Academy.

    Number Five ducks behind a clothing rail while running

    "The Queen song playing in the background is just *chef’s kiss*."


    16. When Chris told himself in the mirror to stop pooping in Parks and Recreation.

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    "The first time I watched it I laughed for so long and kept replaying it. So good."


    17. When Mercedes sang "Beautiful" instead of the planned cheerleading song in Glee.

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    "She'd become so unwell after being forced to diet by coach Sylvester, so it was a relief to see her realise that her body was beautiful AND nobody else's business."


    18. When Jane stood up to her father in Doom Patrol.

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    DC Universe / Via

    "This scene is so heartbreaking but so powerful at the same time."


    19. When Penelope figured out that the real reason Elena was so frustrated was because her father hadn't accepted her sexuality in One Day At A Time.

    Penelope leans over Elena's bed while both look at a laptop

    "It added so much depth to both of their characters."


    20. When Dean needed to drink some coffee in Supernatural before he can even talk about his case.

    The WB, The CW

    "This moment is so small, but so relatable."


    21. When Stephen from Bad Education showed up to his school prom in drag.

    Stephen wears a glamorous dress and long hair in front of a glitzy backdrop

    "I love this scene because Stephen decided his enjoyment was way more important that everyone else's judgement."


    22. When Jean realised she was pregnant in Sex Education.

    Jean looks unsure while holding a glass of wine

    "Everyone was talking about was the voicemail cliffhanger, but no one seems to care about this. What’s she going to do? Will she tell Otis and Jakob? So many questions!"


    23. When Lassiter and Woody woke up in the Psych office after a night out in Psych.

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    USA Network / Via

    24. When Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo tried to think of ten emails to send after believing they’ve been cursed via a chain email in What We Do In The Shadows.

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    FX / Via

    "A special shout-out to the response they get from the mailer “demon” after Nadja emails ''."


    25. When Trinity K. Bonet aced the comedy challenge in RuPaul's Drag Race.

    Trinity K. Bonet holds a mic during her stand-up comedy routine
    Logo TV

    "She had been so down on herself before that challenge, so it was great to see her nail the task and feel great about her performance."


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