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    If You're Losing Your Mind Over The 'My Mum Tracy Beaker' Trailer, You'll Understand These 12 Tweets

    "Tracy Beaker's trending and it's been 15 years since Rio's Maroon 5 CD went missing"


    Justine Littlewood, talking about Tracy Beaker #DragRaceUK

    Twitter: @dragraceukbbc


    Tracy Beaker's trending and it's been 15 years since Rio's Maroon 5 CD went missing.

    Twitter: @morganjeffery


    Gays in their mid-twenties tuning into CBBC to watch My Mum Tracey Beaker on Friday

    Twitter: @_ChodieFoster


    Justine Littlewood deserves an MBE for services to hair for maintaining the same scraped back ponytail for 19 years

    Twitter: @harrisonjbrock


    It’s been 20 years since Tracy Beaker aired and Justine Littlewood hasn’t aged a day? I guess being a problematic legend does a body good after all

    Twitter: @jackremmington


    Me loading up CBBC on Friday nights from now on

    Twitter: @seanbgoneill


    This serve though, hair done skin flawless, Gucci belt on, half a bottle of red wine down and ready to antagonise a bitch

    Twitter: @queerdiscox


    me at my big age this weekend tuning in to CBBC to watch tracy cuss out justine

    Twitter: @skinnylilbih


    Tracy Beaker is back. Now all we need is this blue bear back in action

    Twitter: @ItIsntPersonaI


    the + in LGBTQ+ stands for Justine Littlewood

    Twitter: @LouisStaples


    Sorry I can't hang out this Friday I'm watching the Tracy Beaker reboot on CBBC

    Twitter: @sophxthompson


    us on friday 5 minutes into My Mum Tracy Beaker

    Twitter: @joshywillacy

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