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    16 Amazon Products That Have Basically Been Getting Me Through Lockdown 3.0

    These made my home a much better place to be!

    1. This knife sharpener totally transformed my most-used kitchen tools, making my lockdown cooking storms a breeze.

    2. I was getting very tired of staring at the same four blank walls of my rented room, so I decided to redecorate. This white tack was the best way to hang my posters up without damaging or staining the walls!

    3. I wear these comfortable headbands all the time now that I'm WFH. They make me feel more put-together with minimal effort!

    4. An annoying puddle kept forming at the base of my fridge and I had no idea how to get rid of it. Turns out that the lil' hole at the base of the unit was blocked — this handy brush sorted it out in seconds (so gross, but so satisfying).

    5. I'm absolutely obsessed with this cropped cardigan. It looks and feels like it costs way more than it actually does, and it's the perfect comfy-but-stylish addition to my WFH wardrobe.

    6. For something so inexpensive, this moon tapestry is 1) gorgeous and 2) bloody massive. It calms me down every time I look at it!

    7. These satin pillowcases made my bed feel about 200% more *luxe*, and they're kind to my skin and hair too!

    8. This shower shield solution means that I don't have to worry about fingerprints or shampoo stains forming on my glass or metal surfaces. It's become invaluable now that everyone in my flat is home all the time!

    9. I'm so glad that I covered the most boring wall in my room with these curtain fairy lights.

    10. And I'm even happier that I nabbed these gorgeous artificial ivy vines to place over them!

    11. I wish I'd bought these Brooks 'Ghost 12' trainers when I first started running. They're the most supportive shoes I've ever worn!

    12. I used this organic coconut husk rope to decorate everything from my walls to my vases and mirror.

    13. This velvet swivel chair is stunning and has helped me to separate my work day from my relaxation time.

    14. I absolutely hate how the base of my divan bed looks, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that this extra-deep valance sheet exists.

    15. And I added this seersucker duvet set on top of the sheet to make my space feel *truly* new.

    16. I really miss nature now that I'm inside all the time, but I don't necessarily want the effort of keeping a real plant alive. This cheap faux plant solved both my problems at once!

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