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    44 Amazon Products Under £4 That People Actually Swear By

    Low prices and high reviews? Yes, please.

    1. Unclog your pores in the most satisfying way possible with these charcoal-infused strips!

    2. These animal-shaped rollerball pens are about to become your new favourite pieces of stationery.

    3. The batteries in these fairy lights are held in cork-shaped receptacles, so they'll seamlessly fit into your bottles and jars.

    4. It doesn't get much smarter than this collapsible colander that folds flat when it's not in use.

    5. Friends fans will adore this pack of 25 stickers!

    6. You'll always have somewhere to store your kitchen sponge thanks to this clever holder that has suction caps on its back.

    7. This nifty hook is incredibly easy to install — just pop it over your cupboard door, close it, and you're done!

    8. Reseal your opened food packets with these colourful clips.

    9. Customers have been wowed by how pigmented this mini eyeshadow palette from e.l.f. is. Its neutral colours are ideal for day-to-day wear!

    10. Some reviewers swear by this soothing lavender essential oil to help them unwind before they go to sleep.

    11. This inexpensive mascara from Rimmel is designed to coat every single lash (even the tiny ones) without clumping.

    12. Tackle those annoying spots as and when they arrive by nabbing this fast-acting zit-zapping gel. It contains soothing tea tree oil and decongesting salicylic acid!

    13. These fairy lights are almost too pretty to handle. Almost.

    14. This infinity bracelet is seriously charming.

    15. Charge your Android phone with this lightning-fast cable! It has a durable double-braided exterior and is a metre long.

    16. Vamp up your eye ~lewks~ with this smudge-proof kohl from Rimmel.

    17. These Spontex soap pads combine a deep-cleaning fluid with wire scourers to create the ultimate dirt-busting tool.

    18. This wooden plate rack is here to declutter your draining board.

    19. Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up' concealer is an absolute steal considering how highly-rated it is!

    20. I'm struggling to believe that this lightweight moisturiser only costs £2, but here we are.

    21. Remove soap scum, light limescale, and grease from your shower and sink with this specially-designed spray.

    22. Reviewers have been wowed by how fast-acting this mould removal spray from Cillit Bang is.

    23. Dry and store your makeup sponge in this specially-designed holder.

    24. Sorry, but why hadn't I heard about this self-adhesive bathtub plug holder sooner?!

    25. Home bakers will probably end up using this inexpensive plastic scraper all the time.

    26. This mermaid-themed nail polish from Rimmel boosts my mood every time I wear it.

    27. I don't know how I got through multiple lockdowns without these parcel openers.

    28. Not only will this genius mat protect your crisper drawer from dirt and leaks, it'll help to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer too. I mean, come on.

    29. This Dr. Beckmann cleaning solution has a brush that'll make floor and carpet stains a thing of the past!

    30. This hyaluronic acid serum is a humectant, meaning that it'll attract moisture to your skin and keep it there.

    31. These plastic drain strainers won't rust or scratch up your sink!

    32. This fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few easy (and deeply satisfying) swipes.

    33. Create some extra drying space around your sink with this microfibre mat!

    34. If you're tired of cleaning your loo only to realise that bleach won't budge the limescale buildup at its base, this highly effective pumice stone is here to help.

    35. This Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder will make your grimiest kitchen utensils look as good as new again, so you'll be motivated to get cooking!

    36. Defrosting your freezer will seem about 1,000% more rewarding when you place these frost-preventing liners in it afterwards. They'll prevent solid chunks of ice from forming on your shelves again!

    37. These under-eye masks are packed full of plumping collagen.

    38. This incredible descaler spray will transform your shower head in no time, removing buildup from its hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies. If the thrill of a gleaming shower head isn't enough to motivate you, the prospect of clearer, better-flowing water just might be!

    39. You'll be able to leave your bins out without having to worry about them being put back in the wrong place thanks to these personalised weatherproof stickers.

    40. The effort-to-payoff ratio of this fast-acting degreaser spray is seriously impressive.

    41. You can finally hang up that picture you've had lying around your home for ages with these self-adhesive Command strips.

    42. These inexpensive lil' razors will remove your unwanted brow hairs and peach fuzz hassle-free.

    43. This 'Living the Dream' dry shampoo from TIGI Bed Head pretty much became my ride or die the instant I started using it.

    44. Sorry, but how stunning is this incense holder?!

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