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    Just 17 Incredible Amazon Products I Tried And Loved In January

    Almost all of these are under a tenner!

    1. These inexpensive lil' razors removed my unwanted brow hairs and peach fuzz hassle-free.

    2. My hair has gotten ridiculously long recently, and it was starting to strain my scalp when I tied it up. These coiled hair ties distribute the pressure from my ponytail evenly so I don't have to face as many headaches during the day!

    3. I like to pop one of these velvet scrunchies over my coiled hair ties for extra ~glamour~ and volume.

    4. I'm absolutely obsessed with this tarot-style tapestry! It covered up one of the bland AF walls of my rented room without causing me to risk my deposit.

    5. This mermaid-esque nail polish from Rimmel boosts my mood every time I wear it.

    6. I share my shower with a lot of other long-haired people, so you can imagine how happy I was to find this extra-powerful drain unblocking fluid.

    7. This ridiculously cheap liquid eyeliner has replaced my previous pricier faves.

    8. My skin has become so much smoother and bouncier since I started using this moisturising retinol cream!

    9. I've been wowed by how well this long-wear Infallible concealer by L'Oreal disguises the bags under my eyes (it's a great dupe for Tarte's 'Shape Tape' IMO).

    10. This adjustable bed desk has made my WFH experience that little bit more bearable.

    11. I swear by this inexpensive vitamin C serum to brighten and exfoliate my skin!

    12. And Garnier's 'Moisture Bomb' sheet mask left my face looking smoother and more hydrated.

    13. This 'Living the Dream' dry shampoo from TIGI Bed Head pretty much became my ride or die the instant I started using it.

    14. I'm never short of easy (and delicious) dinner ideas thanks to Wagamama's Feed Your Soul recipe book.

    15. This inexpensive tripod has totally transformed my video calls, and its remote control function is perfect for selfies.

    16. I only have to use these inexpensive teeth-whitening strips once a week to enjoy their brightening effect.

    17. These plastic drain covers protect my sink's plughole without getting rusty or scratching up my sink like metal versions can. I find that they're way easier to remove than the regular kinds too!

    Me to everyone who doesn't already have these products: