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    Here Are 11 Of The Best Diaries And Journals To Try In 2020

    New year, new notebook, new you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Looking for a great all-rounder? This diary from Boxclever contains budget pages, tear-out lists, stickers, and loads more.

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    Small but practical, this lil' A5 diary is bursting with handy features from storage pockets to holiday planners. It comes with a whopping 288 stickers (yes, please), moveable dividers, a useful holiday planner that's perfect for organising big events in advance, and to-do lists (did we mention there's a separate address book, too?). You can easily see your weekly schedule at a glance with this diary, and the monthly planner section means you can set mid-term goals as well as documenting and organising your daily plans.

    Price: £11.49.

    2. If you're looking for something low-commitment and long-lasting, this "one line a day" journal runs for five years and requires minimal attention.

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    If you want to capture your memories without the hassle and time of writing out a full page, this journal is the one for you. It only asks you to fill in (yup, you guessed it) one line each day, and because the entries are so small, it'll last you ages (five years, to be precise). Perfect if you're trying to get into journalling but don't see yourself penning entire paragraphs on the daily, this diary is about as low-effort as it gets – and it's durable enough to become a proper keepsake when it's done, too.

    Price : £11.99.

    3. Or, for a more detailed overview of your day, this six-minute diary is incredibly well-structured and easy to use.

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    A great way to check in with yourself and get those 'great day' vibes going, this diary has two three-minute sections to fill in during the morning and in the evening. With daily, weekly, and monthly gratitude checks, you can help to focus on life's best bits with this 220-page journal. There's space for your notes and prompts to remind you of the highlights of your day, making it the perfect way to keep the best parts of your life in mind. You'll be able to see your progress throughout the year via its habit tracker too! Plus, there's an introduction to the diary and a free e-book that'll help inspire you to get the most out of your journalling and mindfulness routine. No wonder it's so incredibly highly-reviewed!

    Price: £21.90.

    4. Love writing things down physically but wish you could save your words digitally? This (genius) reusable Rocketbook notepad has got your back.

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    Connect to the accompanying app to upload everything from this notebook to the cloud, which you can then send directly to places like Slack, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more! Just write what you need to on its pages, save them to the cloud, wipe your words away, and start again. The app is available for both iOS and Android, making this next-level notebook the perfect futuristic tool for diarists and students alike.

    Price: £20.57.

    5. This understated day-to-page diary looks great and does its job simply and effectively.

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    If you're after a no-frills (but still pretty) journalling experience, this one-page-a-day diary is perfect. It does more or less what it says on the tin – you get given one page for each day of the year that you can fill with as much or as little writing as you'd like, and while there are some fun extras (like a gorge ribbon page marker and a handy yearly calendar), it's essentially a straightforward journal done well. An incredible buy for keen journallers or just someone who doesn't really go for all the bells and whistles, this diary is simple and beautiful!

    Price: £12.

    6. Scribbles That Matter provides the perfect canvas for any keen bullet journallers – it has super-thick paper that won't get stained or leaked through, even by fountain pens and markers.

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    The pages of this (pretty adorable) diary are dotted, giving you an easy guide to create your own grids, columns, and margins without restricting your space to doodle. Its genius pen-test page allows you to get your writing tools working without destroying a perfectly good sheet of writing paper (yesss), and there are key code pages and index pages too which will help you make sense of your notes. The diary comes with two colour-coded bookmarks, an expandable pocket, a pen loop, and its ethically-sourced vegan leather cover is bound durably enough to the notebook that it'll last the owner literally years. Ideal for doodlers, visual thinkers, or just anyone who wants to have more fun with their journalling, this diary can be used for low-key entries and Instagrammable artworks alike! It's available in teal, olive, charcoal, and pastel pink.

    Price: £18.97.

    7. Students will love this class-friendly academic journal, which 1) looks incredible and 2) contains everything from weekly planners to stickers and a ruler/bookmark combo.

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    With plenty of space to map out each day of the week and a spare box to fill in your notes, this diary is a great way to keep on top of your schedule in style (and seeing as it's got a monthly goals section, it could even help you keep your new year's resolutions too!). The paper is thick enough to feel highly *luxurious* when you're writing on it, and there's a handy pocket at the back to help you store keepsakes like tickets or more practical stuff, like receipts.

    Price: £20.01.

    8. Stay organised with this Busy B to-do diary! It'll help you keep on top of everything from your shopping to your scheduling.

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    This bad boy really has it all – blank tear-out lists, note pages, fill-in calendars, four useful pockets, and a pen loop. It gives you an overview of the week with plenty of room to fill in everything you need to do, and customers say there's space to write your reminders in too. The A6 size makes it incredibly portable, and it's so pretty it'll basically become decor when you put it on your desk! Available in two different designs, this incredibly well-reviewed diary is great for the busy person on the go.

    Price: £18.97.

    9. If you've got green fingers, this gardening journal is for you.

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    Keep track of your life and your garden with this beautifully-illustrated journal, which gives you space to track the things you've planted, gardening tips, and has loads of room for notes, too. Customers say it's given them everything they need to keep their plants on top form, and it's got a daily planner too, which you can use either for tracking growth or for writing down how your day went (or both!).

    Price: £14.08.

    10. Spice up your life with this cook's diary, which gives you a variety of fun recipes to try throughout the year (you'll get a new one every week!).

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    The design of this diary is stunning, and the recipes inside are pretty great too! With stickers, plenty of writing space, a selection of recipes ranging from desserts to mid-week meals, and some pages to help you plan out big events like birthdays and Christmas, this lil' guy seems to more or less do it all. Extras like conversions (great if you're baking) and contact pages make this gorgeous diary an absolute standout!

    Price: £11.08.

    11. This leather-bound A4 Collins diary is a classic for a reason. It's big enough to give you a space to ~rant~, and durable enough to still look great by the end of the year.

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    With a full A4-sized page for each day of the year, this 2020 diary from Collins includes useful information (like sunrise and sunset times and national holidays) as well as some pages dedicated to budgeting and holiday planners. With a gorgeous blue ribbon bookmark and a durable leather-grain cover, this diary will last you ages and give you more than enough room to document *exactly* how your day went!

    Price: £18.75.