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What Are Some Interesting IRL Facts That 'Based On Real Life' Movies Left Out?

Because frankly, I can never have enough fascinating facts.

If you're anything like me, you *love* the added drama that comes from watching a movie which is based on real-life people.

Comedy Central

But while plenty of these movies are accurate, loads of them leave out certain details to create a more seamless plot. We want to know which fascinating IRL facts you wish 'based on real life' movies had kept in!

Comedy Central

Do you think Can You Ever Forgive Me should have mentioned that Estée Lauder attempted to pay Lee Isreal off when the author tried to write a biography about her?

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Ron Galella via Getty Images

Should The Favourite have included Sarah Churchill's homophobic propaganda poems against Queen Anne?

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Print Collector via Getty Images

Maybe you think The King's Speech would have been a better movie if they'd shown that Lionel Logue and the king actually hit it off from the first time they met.

Momentum Pictures / Paramount Pictures / Underwood Archives via Getty Images

Let us know which riveting IRL facts 'based on real life' movies left out and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!