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    17 Gifts From Twinings' Online Shop That Are Frankly Tea-Riffic

    These will be everyone's cup of tea (I'm so sorry).

    In case you didn't know already, Twinings has an online tea shop where you can buy both their regular stock AND a load of adorable tea-related gifts. Here are some of our faves!

    1. This 'You're My Cup of Tea' gift set includes three boxes of tasty brews, a gorgeous tea tidy, some shortbread rounds, and a stunning Twinings bag. Not bad for under £15, right?!

    2. This deluxe wooden tea box contains two teabag-filled compartments. I mean, this has to be the perfect gift, right?!

    3. This 'Tea Time Favourites' set contains customer faves like Assam and Earl Grey. A tea tidy, a Twinings bag, and some delicious shortbreads are also included!

    4. This breakfast tray gift set comes with a wooden tray, two porcelain mugs, and a box each of Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas. Plus, it's 15% off right now!

    5. This salted caramel fudge from Cartwright & Butler is an absolute steal at less than £3.

    6. If you're after something small and sweet, this 15%-off English Breakfast mug set is ideal.

    7. Indulge in this pack of triple choc chunk biscuits!

    8. This trio of tea-filled tins is just *chef's kiss*.

    9. This starter gift set contains 50 Earl Grey and 50 English Breakfast teabags alongside a tea tidy and a pretty gift box.

    10. This gorgeous jar is packed full of 30 bestselling Twinings teabags! You can just refill it with your favourite brews once it's been emptied.

    11. Or, if you're after something bigger, this large jar boasts 70(!) loose leaf pyramid teabags.

    12. These London-edition English Breakfast pyramid teabags come in the cutest packaging imaginable.

    13. This 'On The Go' gift bag comes with a travel cup, some tasty Lily O'Brien's caramel chocolates, a box of 40 best-selling Twinings tea bags, and a white-and-gold Twinings bag.

    14. These butter and sea-salted caramel biscuits come in an unbelievably pretty tin.

    15. Sorry, but how delicious do these Belgian chocolate flaked truffles look?!

    16. Herbal tea lovers will probably adore this 'Wellbeing Upkeep' gift hamper, which comes with four packs of 20 teabags and a gorgeous white Twinings bag.

    17. Make staying hydrated more exciting with this 'Revive Your Water' cold infusion set. The triple pack of 12 cold infusion teabags comes in an adorable gift box!

    Want to find more tea-based treats? You can check out Twining's complete online range by clicking here!

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