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    17 Super-Fast Cooking Tools For When You're A Bit Tired And A Lot Hungry

    Because eating out adds up, and eating in shouldn't be a hassle.

    1. The legendary George Foreman grilling machine, which is a healthy (and fast) way to cook your food.

    2. This steamer, which lets you cook fish and veg in the microwave.

    3. This fabric potato pouch will give you that baked spud goodness in minutes from your microwave.

    4. A mandoline, which slices fruit and veg in seconds (perfect for salads and stir fries.)

    5. This chopper cuts up your veg in no time – you just have to chuck the ingredients in and push a button! It can chop to different sizes, from dicing to mincing to pureeing.

    6. Some reusable toaster bags, perfect for when you need a no-fuss cheese toastie ASAP.

    7. Toaster ovens cook way faster than normal ones, so if you're not catering for a crowd, this one is well worth considering.

    8. This handheld blender is great for whizzing up soups and sauces in seconds!

    9. An avocado pitter, slicer, and peeler, which kind of covers all avocado-related bases.

    10. This microwave spaghetti cooker lets you prepare your pasta in the microwave, which honestly saves loads of time (you just have to heat up your sauce, or cut even more minutes with pesto).

    11. Kitchen shears, because snipping food can be a lot, lot easier than hacking through it.

    12. An Instant Pot, which works like a pressure cooker to heat and tenderise your food really quickly.

    13. This egg cooker– let's be honest, nobody wants to clean any pots if they don't have to. This one can boil, poach, or make omelettes out of your eggs (it has a separate tray), all in the one cooker!

    14. A really good blender, because smoothies and soups are always welcome.

    15. Chopping garlic takes ages, so if you use a lot of it, consider this really effective garlic mincer (it's easy to wash too.)

    16. Peeling can be a real time-suck, so make sure your peeler is as good as it can be! This one is really highly-reviewed.

    17. And finally, this microwavable soup mug, which lets you heat up your stuff and eat it without using another bowl, Plus, it has handles, so you won't have to hold a piping-hot bowl!