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    I Used To Be A Cleaner – Here's Everything On My Spring-Cleaning Checklist

    If you're not even sure where to start, we've got you covered.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I was a cleaner for a couple of years before I started writing shopping posts here at BuzzFeed. I love combining my knowledge to share the best cleaning products around with you, so I decided to create a list of products and methods that'll guarantee you a sparkling spring clean!

    🧹Step one: clearing the clutter 🧹

    Before you can get started scrubbing and wiping down your surfaces, you'll need to clear any rubbish that's built up since your last deep-clean (looking at you, empty shampoo bottles). I swear by this bloody massive roll of sustainably-sourced bin bags!

    Of course, you'll want to wear some equally thick gloves while you're clearing up. I love these extra-long ones that protect your elbows!

    Need somewhere to store your stuff while you deep-clean your shower, wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, and more? I always like to keep the stray stuff in some IKEA bags.

    🧹Step two: deep-cleaning the spots you usually ignore 🧹

    When I was a cleaner, my team and I would always put this absolute powerhouse of a deep-cleaner in the oven first thing, so it can get to work while you're tackling the rest of your home.

    After that, it's time to start dusting (I've learned the hard way that you don't want to begin clearing your cobwebs *after* you've scrubbed your surfaces, because some dirt will inevitably rise and fall onto your lovely work). This multipurpose duster is practically perfect!

    Got pets, or just have a lot of hair? These copper lint rollers are basically a must-have.

    Tackle the Dreaded Patch on your ceilings or walls with this ridiculously highly-rated mould remover.

    Magic erasers really do live up to the hype.

    Oh, and so does the now-famous Pink Stuff cream cleaner (pros have been using it for years).

    For the spots that regular brushes and cloths can't reach, these teeny-tiny detail brushes are ideal.

    Ever take a peek in your extractor fan? If (like me) you're horrified by what you see, this Elbow Grease spray has got your back.

    Got a spot on your sofa or carpet you need gone ASAP? I've tried so many stain removers for soft furnishings, but nothing acts as quickly (or as effectively) as Dr. Beckmann's.

    Speaking of stain removal, this mattress cleaner will make one of the priciest objects you own feel as good as new again!

    You can clean everything from glass to your microwave with some white vinegar.

    Need to tackle a massive, hard-to-clean area like your bath or oven? I can't recommend covering it with a baking soda and water paste and clingfilm and then leaving it to soak enough.

    Most of the UK is in a hard water area, so this descaler spray is basically priceless.

    Speaking of hard water, this descaler sachet will *finally* get rid of the crust in your kettle.

    This sounds a little strange, but I swear this pumice stone is the best thing I've ever used to banish stubborn limescale from loos.

    And for a more general deep clean, Dr. Beckmann's foaming toilet cleaner is ideal.

    Of course, you're going to need a good all-purpose spray for wiping down your surfaces. This one from Method smells of peaches!

    This powerful unblocker will dissolve any grease and hair it encounters in your drains, so you'll be able to *finally* banish the Hair Monster that's built up in your shower.

    A good vacuum cleaner is the difference between achieving a truly immaculate room in minutes and spending the best part of half an hour pointlessly running over a carpet that'll still look dusty afterwards. This super-powerful Henry 'Turbo' one is a classic for good reason!

    Mopping your floors is that *chef's kiss* 'we've really cleaned this place' moment, IMO. Whether you're packing in loads of cleaning in one day or just hate waiting ages for your floor to dry, this spinning mop is the best one I've ever bought.

    🧹Step three: finishing touches 🧹

    My favourite part of deep-cleaning is sorting out those final fiddly bints that truly make your home look *immaculate*. When it comes to smooth, reflective surfaces, the sprays and cloths your used while cleaning might not have completely cut it. You know what does, though? These simple-but-effective microfibre cloths!

    You know when you've spent ages on your outfit and hair, and then you spray a bit of perfume to finish everything off? Yeah, I get that same thrill from spritzing this gorgeous air freshener around my home after a deep clean.

    🧹Step four: maintaining the cleanliness 🧹

    Once you've spent this long cleaning your home, you'll want to make sure you can keep it spotless for as long as possible AND ensure that the next deep-clean isn't *quite* as intense. Not only will this genius fridge mat protect your crisper drawer from any new dirt and leaks, it'll help to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer too. I mean, come on.

    This descaler ball will prevent any future limescale buildup. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    This rim block will help to keep your loo fresh for you between scrubs.

    This shower shield solution will protect your unit from hard water buildup and soap scum (and it'll protect your taps too!).

    A majority of the mess in most folks' homes comes from clutter rather than actual dirt in my experience. These shelves are a great way to ensure The Kitchen Chair doesn't get used as a makeshift storage unit again!

    The same logic goes with these vacuum seal bags that come with a handy pump!

    Cleaning out an oven is the worst kitchen task around IMO, so I'm very glad these Teflon liners are here to help.

    Wondering how to use this genius descaler ball? You place it inside your washing machine or dishwasher, and then – oh wait, that's it. For up to five years. Yeah, I'll take one ASAP, thanks.

    You know that awkward space between your oven and countertops that gets filled with dust, stains, and crumbs? These silicone strips are designed to cover it quickly and effectively, so you'll never have to wonder how to clean The Gap again!

    These drop-in drain sticks will prevent too much gunk from building up in your drains.

    🧹Step five: treat yourself🧹

    After all that, you definitely deserve a (limescale-free) cuppa and some delicious chocolate. This silky-smooth Galaxy milk chocolate bar is pretty much perfect for the job!