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    23 Practical Products To Help Solve All Your Summer Problems

    Because let's face it, you probably can't stand this heat by yourself.

    1. Place this cooling gel insert into your pillow for a refreshing night's sleep.

    2. If your fruit and veg is going off extra quickly at the moment, these specially-designed discs are here to help.

    3. These baits will get rid of your ant problem by tackling it at its source.

    4. And if flies are really bugging you at the moment, these sticky fly paper rolls are a really effective way to get rid of them! They'll attract and trap flies onto their extremely sticky surface, and you can just throw the rolls away when they're full.

    5. This powerful fan was originally designed for use at gyms, so you know it's got to be good at its job.

    6. Or if you're after something a little smaller, this bad boy is USB-powered and silent.

    7. This maximum strength antiperspirant has gotten some rave reviews for a reason. You'll only need to apply it once or twice a week to feel the effects!

    8. Not only is this incredible duvet thin enough for summer, it's anti-allergy too.

    9. If your plants' soil has been drying out, these globe waterers will keep them hydrated for you for up to two weeks.

    10. Make lounging outside even MORE comfortable by using this clip-on deck chair tray.

    11. If the sun has been waking you up too early, these pop-up blackout blinds are well worth a try.

    12. Prevent chafing with these (honestly kind of genius) lace bands.

    13. Prevent that annoying summer frizz with this anti-humidity spray from Lee Stafford.

    14. You can't go wrong with some high-factor SPF, and this Cetaphil moisturiser tackles two problems at once.

    15. You can keep your water bottles cool no matter where you go thanks to these specially-designed coolers.

    16. Keep bugs at bay with this insect repellent spray.

    17. This dehumidifier is a great way to tackle that hot, sticky weather without using electricity or batteries.

    18. Keep your pet cool with this mat.

    19. This cooling neck wrap is incredibly refreshing.

    20. If you love ice but find regular plastic trays really hard to remove the cubes from, these sausage dog-shaped moulds are made from flexible silicone.

    21. Keep your barbecue clean by using these non-stick mats when cooking.

    22. If your shoes are going through it right now, these odour-neutralising bags will help to keep them smelling fresh.

    23. This Bin Buddy powder absorbs all the excess liquid in your bin bags (which smells extra bad in the summer heat). It repels flies, too!

    You being unaffected by the blazing heat thanks to these products: