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    41 Genius Products To Help Solve Your Spring Problems

    Because honestly, you deserve better than fly-filled fruit bowls and blistered feet.

    1. Protect your heels from sores, scrapes, and blisters with this Compeed stick.

    2. Sorry, but this weighted eye mask is an absolute game-changer. Not only does it *truly* block out all traces of that annoyingly early sunlight, but the weighted element is ridiculously soothing.

    3. Give yourself a gentle summer glow without having to worry about getting sunburned by nabbing Garnier's gradual tan moisturiser.

    4. And if you'd like a faster option, reviewers swear by St. Moriz's instant tanning mousse.

    5. You can use O'Keeffe's cream on your heels to get them sandal-ready.

    6. These silicone ice trays have handy lids, so they won't splash water all over your freezer drawer when you put them in! Plus, your ice cubes won't take on that weird freezer taste (I can't be the only one who hates that, right?).

    7. Unlike some mineral options, Simple's SPF30 'Protect 'N' Glow' serum doesn't leave a chalky white cast behind. It doubles up as a primer!

    8. Banish that T-shirt-ruining under-boob sweat by using this medicated Medipure powder. In fact, it works anywhere on your body!

    9. Pack those extra-delicious spring fruits into this stunning bag for instant 'main character' vibes. It'll prevent them from sweating!

    10. Sorry, but how many of you knew that this anti-redness SPF50 existed and didn't tell me about it? It'll cancel out the red undertones in your skin while also protecting it from the sun (yess).

    11. Anyone who's ever worn high heels on a sweaty day will understand why these anti-blister shoe pads are a must-have.

    12. This giant beach blanket is completely sand-resistant.

    13. Garnier's after-sun sheet mask contains deeply moisturising hyaluronic acid and soothing hazelnut oil.

    14. If you haven't been introduced to this antiperspirant 'Face Saver' gel, allow me to change your life. It'll prevent your face from sweating throughout the day, which is *especially* useful for makeup wearers!

    15. This two-in-one shower gel and shaving cream is designed to prevent the redness and annoying little bumps that some people (like me) have to deal with after hair removal. It's especially useful if you're planning on getting your legs out this spring!

    16. If you wear makeup, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this clever SPF50 spray from Garnier sooner. Spray it over your makeup and it'll protect your skin *without* disturbing the cosmetics underneath (I know, right?).

    17. I'm not saying you would get caught off-guard by a heatwave and end up sunburned. I'm just saying that if you did, this soothing after-sun solution from Malibu would have your back (literally).

    18. One of the best ways to ensure your makeup doesn't run off your face on hot days is by giving it a solid base to grip onto, which is where e.l.f.'s cult-status 'Pore Putty' primer comes in!

    19. These retractable washing lines snap back into their casing when they're not in use, so you'll be able to dry more of your clothes in the sun no matter how small your outdoor space is.

    20. If your garden is looking a little bare, you can attract butterflies with this Seedbom that'll grow nectar-rich wildflowers wherever you throw it.

    21. If you're WFH right now, you'll probably end up using this near-silent mini desktop fan all the time. It's USB-powered, so you can use it alongside your laptop!

    22. If your plants' soil has been drying out a lot faster than usual recently, these watering globes have got your back. They'll keep them hydrated for you for up to two weeks!

    23. You can buy the bugs in your home a one-way ticket out of there with these sticky stakes. They can be planted into your plant's soil, so you won't have to look at a grim insect chandelier whenever you enter a room like you would with other fly tapes!

    24. Pets shed a lot in the spring, so it's a good thing that this reusable hair-removing roller exists. It'll help you to banish fur from your sofa and other soft furnishings in a couple of swipes!

    25. This blackout roller blind is perfect for anyone who's sick of being woken up too early by sunlight but doesn't want to wear an eye mask.

    26. Place this cooling gel insert into your pillow for a refreshing sleep if, like me, you often overheat at night. You won't even need to refrigerate this insert before using it thanks to its stay-cool filling!

    27. These ant baits will help to prevent colonies from overtaking your kitchen by targeting the queen of the nest.

    28. If the sun is making every speck of dust show up in your home, this extendable fluffy brush will help you to remove it.

    29. And if all this light has exposed the smudges on your windows too, you'll want to try this ridiculously highly-rated glass cleaner.

    30. This thin 1.5-tog duvet has gotten rave reviews from customers who say they love to use it in the warmer months. It's anti-allergy, too!

    31. If you're storing a lot of stuff in your fridge right now, these silicone liners will help to keep the shelves clean.

    32. This 15-litre insulated picnic bag will keep your food and drink cool (hello, cold cans despite the sunshine).

    33. Pair it with these mini freezer blocks for an *extra* refreshing spread! They'll pack all the cooling power of larger packs without taking up your freezer space.

    34. Some reviewers say that they haven't been bitten by insects once since buying this bug-repelling spray! It'll help you to enjoy your sunbathing sessions stress-free.

    35. Stay hydrated in style with this glass water bottle from Adidas.

    36. This maximum strength antiperspirant has gotten some rave reviews for a reason. You'll only need to apply it once or twice a week to feel the effects, so you can enjoy the sunshine sweat-free!

    37. These anti-chafing shorts will prevent your thighs from rubbing together when you're wearing a skirt (I honestly don't know how I'd live without mine).

    38. This fast-acting oil-absorbing roller from Revlon will make disposable blotting papers a thing of the past (goodbye, sweaty upper lips).

    39. If your lips are especially dry right now, O'Keeffe's lip balm has got your back.

    40. These rubber gloves go all the way to your elbows, so you won't have to worry about getting those annoying soggy sleeves after spring cleaning.

    41. Studying for exams right now? These big sticky note tabs are useful if you always mark out sections in your textbooks and then never remember what point you were making when you did it.