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    23 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Has A Major Issue With Minor Inconveniences

    It's me, I'm anyone.

    1. These sticky index pads give you enough room to write why you bookmarked a page so you don't have to re-read the whole thing.

    2. These under-the-bed suspenders will ensure you don't wake up to tangled sheets, no matter how much you toss and turn!

    3. Work out whether or not your batteries are dead without having to try out a load of combinations in your devices with this handy tool.

    4. These shower clips will hold your shower curtain in place so it won't stick to you when you're washing yourself.

    5. Get the most out of your foundation, peanut butter, and more with this teeny-tiny spatula.

    6. These blackout curtains will ensure the light from outside doesn't enter your room while you're trying to sleep.

    7. Walk into your car without having to face a fogged-up windshield with one of these dehumidifiers.

    8. This levomenthol stick claims to relieve the symptoms of your headache in two minutes.

    9. Shrink your spots out of existence with zero effort from you by using these hydrocolloid patches.

    10. This incredible sponge gets rid of the eyeshadow from your brush without any need for liquid.

    11. Mould is incredibly annoying, but don't worry – this handy spray will get rid of it for you!

    12. These hangers drop down, so you can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger.

    13. These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for up to two weeks.

    14. Avoid tangled earphones with this pocket-sized organiser.

    15. There's nothing worse than having a charger that only works at that one incredibly specific angle. These cable savers solve that problem!

    16. These poaching bags will give you perfect eggs in minutes without leaving any annoying wispy egg whites that cloud up your pan.

    17. This password book is perfect if you always forget the details for that one site (so annoying).

    18. If you want to fall asleep listening to your fave podcast without the discomfort of earphones digging into your ears when you turn on your side, these Bluetooth-activated headband headphones are well worth a try.

    19. This knife organiser gives you a safe and easy way to store your knives in your cutlery drawer.

    20. Make sure you can watch your fave shows in bed without having to stay in that one specific corner with this extra-long lightning charger cable.

    21. This fast-drying topcoat can help to keep your nail polish looking fresh and staying chip-free for ages.

    22. This waste scraps bin clips over the top of the cupboards under your countertops for an easy and seamless way to clean your surfaces.

    23. These double-sided eyeglass cleaners will tackle both sides of your specs at once.