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    Feb 21, 2020

    23 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Has A Major Issue With Minor Inconveniences

    It's me, I'm anyone.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These sticky index pads give you enough room to write why you bookmarked a page so you don't have to re-read the whole thing.

    Amazon / Via

    The adhesive in the back will firmly attach to your pages without leaving a sticky residue behind! The lines on these pads will help you to neatly organise your writing too.

    Price: £5.60 for 90 sheets.

    2. These under-the-bed suspenders will ensure you don't wake up to tangled sheets, no matter how much you toss and turn!

    Amazon / Via

    They've got elastic straps that connect the powerful grips, so these suspenders will fit any size of bed. Just clip the clamps onto the corner of your sheets, pop the straps under your mattress, and you're done!

    Price: £3.81 for four.

    3. Work out whether or not your batteries are dead without having to try out a load of combinations in your devices with this handy tool.

    Amazon / Via

    You can fit any size of battery into this device and close the sliding end down onto it to secure it into place. Then, the power level in the battery will be displayed on a lil' screen, so you'll know exactly how charged your batteries are at a glance!

    Price: £2.59.

    4. These shower clips will hold your shower curtain in place so it won't stick to you when you're washing yourself.

    Amazon / Via

    They've got a self-adhesive pad on the back that sticks firmly to your tiles and glass, and once they're installed you can insert the edge of your shower curtain into the clip! It'll keep it in place so you can shower stress-free.

    Price: £5.99 for four.

    5. Get the most out of your foundation, peanut butter, and more with this teeny-tiny spatula.

    Amazon / Via

    Run the flexible head of this handy tool along the inside of your peanut butter jars, foundation bottles, and more to ensure you get the very last drop from the container.

    Price: £6.99.

    6. These blackout curtains will ensure the light from outside doesn't enter your room while you're trying to sleep.

    Amazon / Via

    Choose from 17 different shades of these thick, light-cancelling curtains which are completely machine-washable!

    Price: £8.01.

    7. Walk into your car without having to face a fogged-up windshield with one of these dehumidifiers.

    Amazon / Via

    This highly-rated dehumidifier draws all the excess moisture out of your car, helping to decrease condensation and improve the air quality in your car. When it's full, the spot on its side will change colour – then, you can just microwave it for a couple of minutes, and it's good to go again!

    Price: £6.99.

    8. This levomenthol stick claims to relieve the symptoms of your headache in two minutes.

    Amazon / Via

    Run it over your forehead for a simple and effective treatment! Unlike regular medication, there's no limit to how often you can use this thing (which is handy, seeing as there's up to 100 applications per pack). It doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin, either!

    Price: £4.50.

    9. Shrink your spots out of existence with zero effort from you by using these hydrocolloid patches.

    Amazon / Via

    They'll draw the moisture and gunk out of your spots, helping to shrink (and ultimately get rid of) your zits for you.

    Price: £5.99 for a pack of 24.

    10. This incredible sponge gets rid of the eyeshadow from your brush without any need for liquid.

    Amazon / Via

    Run the bristles of your brush along this sponge and the tangled plastic wires will knock all the powder from them, giving you a clean eyeshadow brush that means your makeup won't look muddy no matter how many colours you're using.

    Price: £5.99.

    11. Mould is incredibly annoying, but don't worry – this handy spray will get rid of it for you!

    Amazon / Via

    Spray it onto your ceramic, tiles, or walls and the formula will begin breaking down any bits of mould that are on there. Once it's worked its magic, you can just wipe it away to reveal a clean, smooth surface underneath.

    Price: £7.49.

    12. These hangers drop down, so you can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll be able to see everything that's on here at a glance too!

    Price: £9.99 for ten.

    13. These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for up to two weeks.

    Amazon / Via

    When moisture leaves your plant's soil, it releases oxygen that enters these globes, which then release just the right amount of water to replace the moisture loss. Kind of genius, right?

    Price: £5.99 for two.

    14. Avoid tangled earphones with this pocket-sized organiser.

    Amazon / Via

    Wrap the cables of your earphones around the centre of this useful lil' tool, fasten the flap, and you're done! I mean, imagine the satisfaction of just pulling your earphones from your pocket in one easy, tangle-free motion.

    Price: £4.99.

    15. There's nothing worse than having a charger that only works at that one incredibly specific angle. These cable savers solve that problem!

    Amazon / Via

    They're strong and flexible, so they can help to protect your charger from the fraying and breakage that bending and pulling out the cord can sometimes result in. The pack of 12 should be enough for all your devices and then some, too!

    Price: £2.99 for 12.

    16. These poaching bags will give you perfect eggs in minutes without leaving any annoying wispy egg whites that cloud up your pan.

    Amazon / Via

    Prop one of these open in a cup or glass, chuck an egg in, lower the whole thing into a pan of boiling water, and then just wait for about two minutes – you'll have perfectly-cooked eggs in no time without the mess!

    Price: £2.00 for 20.

    17. This password book is perfect if you always forget the details for that one site (so annoying).

    Amazon / Via

    Write them down in this notebook for easy access (don't worry, the cover will slip right off for a more discreet exterior).

    Price: £5.99.

    18. If you want to fall asleep listening to your fave podcast without the discomfort of earphones digging into your ears when you turn on your side, these Bluetooth-activated headband headphones are well worth a try.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got a control panel in the centre that means you can change tracks or adjust the volume without having to take your phone out or change position! Customers say the sound quality is great, and because these headphones are Bluetooth-operated, you won't have to deal with any wires either. The headband material is machine washable, too (make sure to remove the speakers from their pockets first!).

    Price: £14.99.

    19. This knife organiser gives you a safe and easy way to store your knives in your cutlery drawer.

    Amazon / Via

    There are nine different slots (probably more than enough for your sharp knives), and the base is non-slip too so it won't rattle around in your drawer!

    Price: £12.00.

    20. Make sure you can watch your fave shows in bed without having to stay in that one specific corner with this extra-long lightning charger cable.

    Amazon / Via

    This iPhone charger cord has a double-braided nylon exterior making it extra durable. It claims to be up to 20% faster than other chargers, and because this thing is a whopping 2m long, you should be able to comfortably use your phone when you're charging it no matter where you are!

    Price: £8.99.

    21. This fast-drying topcoat can help to keep your nail polish looking fresh and staying chip-free for ages.

    Amazon / Via, Valeza Bakolli

    It penetrates the nail varnish, bonding it to the base of your nails for a secure and long-lasting finish. This fast-acting stuff has gotten over 8,170 reviews with a 4.4-star average rating!

    Price: £6.60.

    22. This waste scraps bin clips over the top of the cupboards under your countertops for an easy and seamless way to clean your surfaces.

    Amazon / Via

    Pop it over the door of your cupboard, close it, and you'll be able to save yourself the time, effort, and mess of carrying all your food waste over to the bin!

    Price: £1.79.

    23. These double-sided eyeglass cleaners will tackle both sides of your specs at once.

    Amazon / Via

    The smooth material on both sides of these eyeglass cleaners will get rid of smudges from your lenses without leaving any streaks behind. The pack of four will last you ages too!

    Price: £2.28 for five.