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    24 Products To Help Solve Your Very British Problems

    These will really hit you where you live (literally).

    1. This incredible cup has a pouch for your biscuits, because of course it does.

    2. If you haven't got a tumble dryer, this handy radiator hanger could help (because god knows how long your clothes might take to dry otherwise).

    3. You can't beat a good brolly, and this highly-rated windproof one is among the best. It's got an absorbent storage case too, which means it won't get the contents of your bag wet while it's in there (genius, right?!).

    4. Let's face it, the UK is a pretty soggy place, and mould really thrives in colder, wetter conditions (booo). This highly-rated mould remover spray has got your back!

    5. These personalised wheelie bin stickers are an ideal way to make sure your bins get put back exactly where they should be after collection days.

    6. Improve your fry-up game with this specially designed pan.

    7. Take your toast out of your toaster without having to worry about burning your hands with these specially-designed tongs that are absolutely quacking.

    8. Hard water is a problem in loads of different places in the UK. That can wreak havoc in your shower by blocking up your shower head, decreasing your water pressure, and requiring more shampoo to achieve a lather. This ionised shower head can help to solve that problem!

    9. You know what, the tea-drinking stereotypes are true for a reason – a good cuppa is pretty much unbeatable. Get the most out of your teabag with this squeezer!

    10. Speaking of tea, this drop-in descaler bag will get rid of those scummy bits of limescale that can sit on top of your favourite drink (because nothing will break a British person's heart like a ruined cuppa).

    11. This car dehumidifier bag will make sure you don't have to deal with a fogged-up windshield on colder, wetter mornings.

    12. These cable labels will ensure you know whose charger is whose without having to actually confront someone about it when you're not sure (a British nightmare).

    13. This massage ball is perfect for when life feels, literally and figuratively, like a right pain in the neck.

    14. This bookmark is magnetic, so it won't slip out from between your pages when you move the book. Plus, I don't know if you've noticed this, but it is in fact shaped like a Bourbon biscuit.

    15. These toothpaste squeezers are a great way to save money, because wasting products is NOT something anyone's mum would approve of.

    16. You'll be able to click "zero bags" at the self-checkout till with this reusable shopping bag (the best feeling).

    17. You'll be able to keep what's on your screen entirely to yourself when you're commuting with one of these useful privacy shields that make your screen look blank when viewed from an angle.

    18. This mug cleaner will get right into any built-up stains in your fave cup (we've all got one).

    19. Speaking of privacy, these blackout blinds will keep your room filled with peace and quiet instead of streetlamp lights and noise.

    20. This 4head stick claims to relieve the symptoms of a headache in under two minutes, perfect if Lauren from accounting has been really getting on your nerves that day.

    21. These under-eye patches will brighten and de-puff your eyes, perfect if you've been up all night binge-watching Sex Education (which, same).

    22. You can present your travel card without having to fumble for your wallet at the turnstile (an absolute crime TBH) with this handy holder.

    23. This anti-mud doormat will remove the dirt from your shoes when you step inside, which is great if you've just been for an (inevitably muddy and wet) walk.

    24. And last but FAR from least, this biscuit bar mega pack will solve the most British problem of all – simply never having enough Kit Kats.