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    The SodaStream Reviewers Swear By Is Down To £56.99 From £99.99, So Water You Waiting For? (Sorry)

    I'll take the sparkling savings, thanks.

    If you haven't heard of SodaStream yet, 1) you've clearly never met my coworker Valeza and 2) welcome to the Internet. The at-home sparkling sensation is known for providing as much plastic bottle-free fizzy water as you can drink – and right now, their Genesis version is 43% off!

    Valeza, who swears by her Art version, loves how much money it's saved her in the long term. It makes sense – anyone who has the correct answer to the Off Menu podcast's water question will understand how much the sparkling stuff can set you back (not to mention the loaded camel-like walk you have to make from your local shop every time you fancy some fizz).

    Good thing this one fits neatly onto your countertops, requires only tap water and a gas cylinder, and creates next to no waste then (RIP, bottle-laden bins of the past).

    You can choose how fizzy you want your water to be too (because yes, us Evian epicures can tell the difference). The screw-and-lock bottle fits neatly into her fridge door, and the whole machine is wireless and portable!

    No wonder Valeza's not alone in her love of the SodaStream – the Genesis alone has earned a 4.6-star average rating from 1,422 reviews.

    And if you don't limit your fizzy faves to just sparkling water, you can use their genius concentrates too – did you know this kombucha one existed?! Because now that I've been told about it, I'm about to buy five.

    So there you have it: a lower-waste, lower-space, money-saving alternative to your current sparkling water system (i.e. buying a giant disposable bottle and watching half the opened water go warm and flat in the sun). It's reviewer-approved and currently a whopping 43% off – I reckon we can pour one out to that deal, don't you?